Japanese artist uses tiny leaves to create whimsical worlds and scenes

This Japanese artist uses tiny leaves to create magical works of art.

Rito (@lito_leafart) is a self-taught Japanese artist who brings leaves to life by meticulously hand-carving intricate designs. Each of his creations tells a unique story and, among his designs, one can see animals, airplanes, cityscapes, witches, etc. It is important to note that Rito does not just carve out an illustration of an animal. Instead, he creates an entire story in which these creatures are featured. For example, his Undersea wine restaurant depicts an octopus with a chef’s hat and a shrimp sat at a table. The octopus is multitasking using his eight tentacles as Rito depicts the animal holding a pan, a plate, and chopsticks while also serving wine. As one can see, the viewer can easily get lost inside the little world the artist creates. According to My Modern Met, Rito carves a new design every day to combat his ADHD. Therefore, his art reflects patience, serenity, and creativity.

Some of Rito’s leaf designs can be seen below:

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