It’s not your body that’s tired. It’s your soul.

When you say you’re tired, what do you actually mean? Is it your body that needs a rest, or is it your soul?

Oftentimes, our minds and souls need to take a break from our overwhelming day-to-day basis. We all have experienced the exhaustion of going through a long period of being emotionally damaged. It’s the time when you can’t fall asleep at night because there is a wild mess in your mind. And the time when you can’t fully concentrate at your work because there is so much going on in your head.

Moreover, even if you try really hard to pick yourself up and think positive thoughts, the soul-crushing feeling remains.

You still feel down and tired. And you feel this way, not because what you’re going through is unfixable, but because you need to take some time to heal.

Unfortunately, the healing process doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why you need to initiate it as soon as you notice you’re getting too tired to deal with the mess your life has turned into. You may not be able to see your soul, but you can feel when it shines and when it’s fatigued. Therefore, you need to learn how to treat your soul-aches with the same urgency as you treat your physical wounds.

If you avoid or ignore the red flags that show how emotionally exhausted you actually are, you may have to face serious consequences. You might enter a stage of severe depression, anxiety, or other dangerous mental issues.

Here are several warning signs you might need to take care of your tired soul.

1. Your emotions are often intensified.

You often experience your emotions in a much-intensified way than others. And you sometimes find yourself crying on the kitchen floor with no particular reason. It happens when you’re finally alone, and you can stop pretending that everything is okay. And it’s usually triggered by something small that somehow opens the door to your emotions, and they start running through you like a tsunami.

2. In the daytime, all you want to do is lie down and rest.

Almost all of the time during the day you feel the need of taking a nap or just lying down for a few minutes. You need to close your eyes and unwind, so you can deal with the rest of the day. Your energy levels throughout the day are usually extremely low, and all you need is to rest your head. Admit it, this has nothing to do with your physical tiredness.

3. You are in constant pain.

Your whole body is in pain. Your head is killing you, and you often feel intense dizziness and tension. And you try to fight it with painkillers, but nothing really helps. It feels like your mind and body are off sync. You want to feel better, but you just don’t know how to help yourself and ease the pain.

4. “What’s wrong?”

This is probably the hardest question people ask you. And you have no idea how to respond. There is so much going on in your mind that you don’t know where to start from. What’s more, sometimes you know there’s something wrong, but you just don’t know what it is. That’s why explaining to someone what’s wrong seems impossible at times.

5. You feel lonely.

Some call it ‘modern loneliness’. It describes the time when you’re among other people, but you still feel alone and empty. You may love your friends and family to death, but even when you’re with them, you feel lonesome. And the worst thing is, you don’t know what could help you fill this emptiness and make you feel less alone.

6. The future scares you.

You’re afraid of the uncertainty that flows through you when you start thinking about the future. It scares you because you barely know what to with your life now. How can you know what to do in the future? This reality of not knowing how to feel or how to react makes you want to pack your bags, disappear for a while, and go somewhere where you can clear your thoughts.

Is your soul tired?

If the answer is yes, it is time for you to start prioritizing yourself more. You need to take care of your wounded soul and your exhausted mind. The pain won’t go away until you start treating it right. So, rest as much as you need, distance yourself for a while if that works for you, or spend more time with people that make you happy. Your soul deserves it. You deserve it.

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