Invest in your self-growth by learning how to enjoy your own company

When was the last time you took yourself on a date? When was the last time you spoiled yourself with a pint of your favorite ice cream?

Spending time with yourself is crucial for your self-growth and contributes positively to your happiness.

Therefore, having more ‘me-time’ will be absolutely beneficial for your wellbeing.

Opposingly to many people’s beliefs, enjoying your own company has nothing to do with loneliness.

The act of spending time alone with yourself shouldn’t be associated with being lonely. In fact, you can be lonely in a room full of people. However, being alone and enjoying this time means you’re at peace with yourself. Besides, it is an essential part of your self-care process because it enhances your creativity, it boosts your confidence, and it helps you reconnect with yourself.

Next time you see someone sitting by themselves, instead of thinking to yourself, ‘This one must be so lonely sitting here alone’, you might as well appreciate their decision to spend some quality time with themselves. Sometimes all you need to recharge your batteries is some well spent ‘me-time’. Whether it’s going to be a short walk in the park, a nice cup of coffee in your favorite café, or reading your favorite book, it will surely be highly beneficial for your mindfulness.

The truth is, no one knows you better than yourself.

This means that no one else knows exactly what to do to brighten up your soul. But you do. You know exactly what you need when you’re sad, when you’re feeling down, or when you’re just not feeling yourself. So, why don’t you just take care of yourself, instead of wasting time waiting for someone to figure you out?

The whole concept of enjoying your own company might seem quite selfish. However, there’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish at times. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with investing your time in your own self-growth and your own happiness. Prioritizing yourself first shouldn’t be considered as an act of narcissism but as an act of self-love and respect for your own being. Doing the things you love by yourself is not egoistic, it’s called self-care.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are afraid of being alone.

Through their fear, they are missing out on so much. They haven’t experienced the joy of appreciating their own company. And they probably have the misconception that spending time alone means being lonely and miserable. Yet, they secretly admire the people who have no problem going out alone. Deep down, they want to have the courage to do the same.

Luckily, nowadays with the tremendous influence that social media has over our lives, people are finally accepting the idea of spending quality ‘me-time’. There are many solo travelers, self-proclaimed models, and people who use their online personalities to review various restaurants and intriguing locations. They bring popularity to the concept of enjoying your own company. Thankfully, a lot of people follow their example and invest their energy into spending time with themselves.

So, next time you want to go to that sweet little restaurant you love, but there’s no one to come with you, just go by yourself.

Take yourself on a date.

Order your favorite meal and enjoy the feeling of wholesomeness. Sit quietly and observe your surroundings. And in case you don’t feel confident enough to just sit by yourself, bring your favorite book along with you. It’s time for you to fall in love with yourself. The rest will follow.

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