Are You An Introvert? These 6 Ineffable Conversation Starters Will Never Let You Down!

Not surprisingly, introverted people generally find it more difficult to start and maintain a conversation than their extroverted fellows. Things become even more complicated if they have to converse with someone they’ve never met before.

Then, the mission becomes nearly impossible if they have to keep a conversation going during their first date – the feeling is like having a shot of dental anesthetic in your palate and a piece of hot potato in your mouth!

The time has come to stop worrying about picking up the wittiest conversation starters because We’ve just done this for you!

Below is our finest selection of the six ineffable conversation hacks that have been tested in real-life situations and have proven their effectiveness.

1. Turn your weakness into your strength

As an introvert, you probably take a bit longer to reply to a question or a proposal while having a conversation with a friend or a colleague. You probably spend more time analyzing the information you receive from your interlocutor and, consequently, you need some time to make sure you are going to give them the best possible answer.

This tendency of yours probably makes it a bit difficult for you to have conversations in noisy nightclubs or at big parties, where there are many participants in the conversation and the time to come up with an appropriate reply is limited.

When it comes to your date, however, it’s a whole new ball game. As a rule, tête-à-tête situations require deeper, more thoughtful answers that you, as an introvert, are naturally good at coming up with.

2. Before going on a date, get into the right mood

First thing first. Before going on date, you’ve got to get yourself ready. That is, get into the right state of mind. If you are a boxing fan, you’ve probably noticed how boxers spend some time alone in the changing room just before going in the ring. Well, the same works for dating. You’ve got to spend some time working on your mental preparation for the event.

Another good pre-dating strategy is to try to put your nervousness under control. Listening to some relaxation music may help, as well as reading an inspirational passage from your favorite book.

This will help you have a naturally flowing conversation with your date because you will worry less about running out of topics for discussion. Having said that, it’s a good idea to let hem lead the conversation.

Your date has probably figured out you are an introvert and has agreed to go out with you regardless, so you should not try to speak all the time. Instead, try to be naturally mindful and present. The pauses you make before answering a question may actually impress them.

You can also prepare some conversation topics for discussion. Write these prompts on a piece of paper and put them in your back pocket. Examples may include but are not limited to, travels, your best or worst holiday, your dream job, etc.

The important thing here is not to make a script at home and follow it strictly. Rather, you should avail of the reassurance that these prompts will give you. In this way, there’s little chance that you may block off during your conversation and lapse into awkward silence.

3. Prepare some ice-breakers

Ice-breakers, as their name suggests, are phrases that help you get closer with your counterpart and have more natural conversations with them. Fun little word games can be great ice-breakers.

One simple ice-breaking word-game is called Two Truths, One Lie. To play, you need two small sheets of paper and two pens. Just ask your date to write two things about them that are true and one thing that is not. Then, you do the same about yourself.

Next, you read your sentences out loud and each of you tries to guess the other’s two true statements or the false one. The more rounds you play, the more facts you’ll learn about each other. This game will help both of you through the initial phase of your date, which sometimes may look like a “friendly interrogation”.

4. Try to regard her as an old friend

Instead of your date, imagine he/she was someone you’ve known for years. This strategy will free your mind from the anxiety that we naturally associate with first dates.

At the same time, you will also pluck up the courage to ask about things that you normally discuss only with your closest friends. In addition, getting into such a set of mind will make it easier for you to open up and share stuff you wouldn’t normally talk about on a first date.

5. Say the things you normally say, not what you think she expects to hear

While on your first date with someone, try to act like the best version of yourself. That is, say stuff you normally say and touch on topics that are really interesting to you. It makes little sense to spend the whole evening trying to produce the lines that you think they are expecting to hear from you.

The more natural you are on your first date, the more at ease you will radiate. Plus, if you create in them a false image of yourself on the first date, you’ll have to keep it up all along, which will eventually lead you into a dead end.

6. A walk in the park is perfect for a first date

Unless it’s pouring, a walk in the park is perfect for a first date. I mean, who says cafes, bars, and cinemas are the only possible venues to meet someone for the first time?

You may, for instance, have a riding lesson together, or go swimming just as well. Physical exercises are natural stress relievers. Also, while you are doing something, you’ll have more time to think about the questions you’d like to ask them, as well as on their answers. In the same way, when you get asked a question, you’ll naturally have more time to think of your answer.

If ever the conversation gets stuck, you can always make a thoughtful comment about the environment or praise your date’s performance. As you are both running, riding, cycling, etc, neither of you will feel stressed up to keep the conversation going all the time.

Some final words on first date conversation starters:

Listed above are our top six tips for introverts going on their first date. The order in which you are going to follow these steps does not really matter. Similarly, you can modify some of them to your own taste.

The important thing is that they really work and you can fully rely on them. Now that you know of their existence, you can rest assured that your first day will not pass in silence. Have a great time and good luck!

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