Choosing To Ignore Her In Hopes That She Will Chase After You Is Only Teaching Her How To Live Without You.

If you’re one of those men that still believe in the whole ‘play hard to get’ myth you’re going to end up alone.

“Play hard to get, it makes her want you more”, this belief is so old school and stupid it only really works when you’re in high school.

Some men still believe this absurd myth that if you act like you don’t care she will run and chase after you. Some men believe that if they treat their woman badly she will submit and offer them more love, attention, and affection. Very rarely do they realize that this manipulation technique only works on inexperienced girls, it NEVER works on mature women.

Mature women know what they want, they have no time for games, they left the playground when they left school. If you are ready to commit and be real with her she will do the same, however, if there is the slightest indication that you are not serious and aren’t being real and honest with her she will effortlessly walk away from you and will never look back.

A mature woman knows that when you really love someone you can’t play silly games, because in the end you’re playing with someone else’s heart, and that is not what adults do.

You don’t ignore and withhold your love and affection from them in the hopes that they with come chasing after you because that is counter-productive and childish. Women love being showered with love and affection and more so than not, if you do this she will then show you more love and affection.

Another belief some men have is that it’s best not to share their emotions with their partner because it makes them vulnerable. On the contrary, women actually want their partner to share their emotions, it’s in times of vulnerability that love is real, intimate and raw. Women value honesty and with emotional honesty comes a deeper level of intimacy.

If you ever feel like she is not bringing her 50% to the plate she expects you to verbalize it, not ignore her. Mature women would rather leave the relationship than feel as though they are being punished with no explanation.

The key to getting equal love and affection from a woman is to give her love and affection. One must be caring, attentive and loving and most of all RESPECTFUL. Give her all of the above and she will return it ten fold.

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