If you hate decorating the back of your Christmas tree, you can now buy HALF A TREE instead

If you see no point in decorating the back of your Christmas tree, you can now buy only half of it.

  • Companies have started selling Christmas trees that are flat on one side. 
  • They are ideal for homes that have limited space as they only need to be pushed against a wall.
  • This type of Christmas tree allows families to save space, money, and time.
Hammacher Schlemmer

Instead of buying an entire Christmas tree, you can now buy only half of it! 

Companies have started producing a new kind of Christmas tree: one that is flat on one side but resembles a perfectly ordinary Christmas tree on the other side. If you are somebody who dislikes having to decorate the back of the Christmas tree, this might be the perfect product for you. This way, you can decrease the time you spend putting up decorations and you can enjoy the entire process without wondering what is the point of decorating parts that nobody will see. With this tree, all parts are visible and everything is easily accessible.

Hammacher Schlemmer

This tree is perfect for homes that have limited space.

Towards the end of the year, many families begin wondering where they will find space to put up an entire Christmas tree. Thus, people begin stressing and rearranging furniture – just so they can make space for a tree! With this innovative product, you need half the space. In fact, all you would need is a free wall against which you would be able to push the flat side of the Christmas tree.

In addition to this, it can save you money.

Of course, there are some retail companies such as Hammacher Schlemmer that sell the product for a hefty price. However, you can find these trees for a significantly cheaper price on websites such as eBay, Very, and Christmas Tree World. In the description of the product, Very claims: “This may look like a regular Christmas tree, but it’s been cleverly designed so that one side is completely flat, so no matter how limited your space might be, you and your family can still enjoy the magic of having a tree in your home.”

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