If He Truly Cares, He’ll Make Time For You, Period.

Even though you and your significant other may not be spending every second of your life together, you should be there for each other when it counts.

If you truly mean the world to him, he will always find a way to make time for you, even if he’s constantly busy.

Too often we are told by those who supposedly care for us that they simply don’t have time, when the reality is, they just don’t feel like making time for us. We accept the situation as it is, but to be honest, nobody deserves to feel uncared for. Of course, your partner might be extremely busy at work, but a little message from time, or a call when he is on a small break shouldn’t be too much to ask for.

Relationship-wise we all deserve to be given back what we offer.

And if you are making enormous efforts to make him happy, he should be doing the same for you. You should be there for each other in difficult times. You should help each other grow. And if that isn’t the case in your relationship, then maybe your choice for a partner isn’t actually as right as it seemed at first.

And yes, there will be excuses – some of which will even sound quite reasonable – but that does not mean that you should accept being put last in your partner’s life. If he truly wants you to feel loved and cared for, he will make sure to be next to you when it counts. He will prove to you that when it comes to priorities you come first.

If you truly mean the world to him, he will miss you and thus want to remind you that he cannot wait for you to be in his arms again.

He will not rest unless he knows that you’re doing well, that you’ve had something to eat, and that you’re warm and safe.

If he truly cares about you, you will have no doubt about it in your heart.

If your partner keeps on coming up with excuses for not being emotionally available to you, you should honestly consider moving on.

Life isn’t eternal and you deserve to experience true love in all its forms. So ask yourself if he truly cares, and if the answer seems to tilt towards a ‘No’ then it might be time for a serious conversation.

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