I Will Never Ask You To Stay If I Am No Longer Your Priority

Sure, maybe it sounds a little too harsh, but I’ve had enough and I will no longer fight to make you stay by my side. 

If you believe you would be happier with someone else, then just go on and let me be.

Maybe you think I’ll get down on my knees to beg you to stay, but you could not be more wrong. Life is difficult and so is love. We are destined to go through good as well as bad times, and if you cannot make peace with that then I don’t know what else I can say.

Things are not always roses and sunshine, and that is one thing I have learned over the years.

As human beings, we try our best to make those we love stay in our lives, even though they may already have made their mind up. Life goes by in the blink of an eye and we should make the most of it without wasting time trying to keep doors open that have already been shut.

A relationship is not a one-person job.

It takes two to keep it afloat, and it is no longer a secret that you abandoned it a long time ago. And now, after having had the chance to think things through, I realized that I am ready to sail solo for a while. I do not want someone by my side who is not invested in me as I am with them, so I am not going to shed even a single tear or beg you to stay.

I may still have feelings for you but I don’t need you to be able to keep going forward.

A new day will come and, in time, I will be stronger than ever. Sure, it will hurt for a while before I fully recover but I can do this. I can reinvent myself and figure out what I’m truly capable of without you in my life.

Is there a point in me fighting for you if you’ve already given up on me?

We weren’t meant to be together and that is alright. Hopefully, we will both find the right people for us. And maybe you’re torturing yourself for it not working out, but trust me, it isn’t your fault, we just lost our spark. It happens – it’s just a natural part of life. I cannot hate you because I know I never could. You do not deserve hatred, you just need to move on and so do I. I know my true worth and I will find someone who can appreciate me for who I am.

Maybe someday someone will enter my life who will give me all that you couldn’t.

I believe that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason.

There might be times where I desperately want you back and might even send you a text but as time heals my wounds, I will eventually get over you. One day you won’t be on my mind, but I don’t regret having met you. We still had our good times and learned a lot from each other.

I was not your priority but one day I will be someone’s priority.

The pain won’t last forever.

I wish you well on your journey towards finding true love.

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