I Want A Partner Who Will Give A Damn About Me

I am at peace with being single, but often I find myself thinking how much more complete my life would be if I had someone I could talk to in those lonely nights.

Someone with whom I can plan for the future. Some who will be there for me when I’m at my lowest. Someone who is ready to give me the love I need.

We all need someone by our side to hold us tight when the skies fall down on us.

Someone who will reassure us that everything will be alright.

But sadly, finding the right person can be more difficult than people like to think. Sometimes it takes years of trial and error and numerous heartbreaks. Sometimes it will be hard to let someone new into our life because, due to all the pain we’ve suffered, we have built a defense mechanism to protect ourselves from further harm, and penetrating those defenses can be a daunting task for those who are not willing to try.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve given too many chances to people who did not deserve the sacrifices I made for them.

Now I know that all I need is someone who is on the same page with me. Someone who will appreciate me for who I am and prove their love to me with deeds and not empty promises. I cannot waste any more time on people who just use me for their own selfish purposes. I don’t have the strength for it any longer.

I need a person who is consistent. I need mutual trust. I need someone who doesn’t break their promises.

I need a person who will not hold back on their love for me. Someone who will cheer me up when I’m feeling low. I want a person who will make sacrifices for me, just as I do for them. Someone with whom I can talk about the simplest things and never get bored.

I want to create a new life with a partner who actually gives a damn about me. Not with a person who ignores me and disrespects me most of the time and is only good to me when I’m about to walk out the door.

I can no longer afford to play games.

I want a partner who will love me for who I am and will be proud to have me by their side. I want someone who cannot wait to introduce me to the people in their life and not someone who is obviously trying to hide our relationship from certain people.

I need a person who will love me for everything I am.

Someone who is aware of the fact that relationships require hard work. And we will surely have our disagreements, but they must be willing to fight for what we have with everything they’ve got.

Being with that special someone should feel as natural as breathing and we all deserve someone like that by our side.

We are all worthy of true and unconditional love!

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