I Love You But I Am Finally Closing The Chapter Us And Starting Fresh

You are forgiven. I forgive you for all your mistakes and all the pain you inflicted upon me.

I am not your judge. Time will take on that function. I will not poison my heart with hate and a thirst for vengeance. Maybe one day you will come to understand the severity of your wrongdoings, and you will regret hurting everyone around you that you meant something to.

I pity you. I pity you because you might never get to understand the meaning of true love. Maybe you will experience it in part, but never in full, the pure, addictive, cannot-live-without-them love.

I am alright. I know that I did what had to be done when I chose to exit your life and open a new chapter.

And thank you for not making it hard for me. When I let go, I felt a sense of freedom I never felt before and opened my soul to new opportunities in love. I know I will meet someone who appreciates me as much as I appreciate them.

I was in pieces, but I have put myself together. I always manage to get up. Don’t misunderstand me, I do not doubt you had feelings for me, but that was nothing in comparison to the love I gave you and the pain you inflicted upon my heart.

I don’t hold anything against you. It isn’t your fault.

People in pain hurt other people. You were also hurt once. I only wish that you had the guts to talk to me straight and leave my life before damage was done. I hope you will come to understand this before you cause pain to someone else.

I am deeply sorry life has been cruel to you. And I really tried. I loved you with everything I’ve got. But, I couldn’t stand being the only one fighting for us any longer. I want you to find what you’re searching for, someone who completes you.

I care for you. But I also care about not settling for less than I deserve.

Thank you for the memories. Thank you for the ups and downs. I don’t have any regrets. We were each other’s lessons, and now I have to say farewell because I learned what I had to learn.

I wish you true happiness. And I will always be there for you in times of need, but now I’m off to a new start.

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