I Know My Value And I Will Never Ever Let People Mistreat Me Again

I have made countless mistakes, I won’t deny that.

I have let the wrong people into my life only to get my heart broken time and time again. 

I have let people disrespect me and take advantage of me for a long time, and I just let them get away with it by justifying their rotten actions. But why did I do this to myself?

The answer is… fear! Fear of ending up sad and all alone. Fear of not feeling loved.

And I let myself go down a path of darkness. I gave my all to people who treated me like I was disposable. Just so I can have a “friend” by my side. Someone who would talk to me. I craved love they could never give me.

And it all ended horribly. Instead of being understood, I was ignored.

Instead of love, I was given pain. Time and time again.

I lived with a broken heart and a shattered soul for a long time. Until a day came when the pain finally started easing down and I saw my life for what it truly was… a living hell.

I could not believe how deep I had fallen. And that was the moment I decided to change. I made the most important choice of my life and promised myself that I would get myself back on my feet.

Sure, it took me a while to get my life back in order and find the strength before I found the path towards true happiness and fulfillment. And here I am, with a new purpose. I now know what I’m capable of and I know that I deserve more than I was being given. I know what I want and I will not rest until I get it.

Never again will I put up with people that make me feel unworthy.

That is a promise I made to myself and I will keep it at all cost, for my own sake and my own peace of mind.

I will no longer let people use me for their own gains and make me feel worthless. I will no longer agree to do things I feel uncomfortable with and I refuse to let others define my worth. I will no longer waste my time on them and I refuse to shut my mouth when I feel that I need to be heard. I won’t be tolerating rudeness and I refuse to let people get comfortable with mistreating me.

From this day on, the only ones who deserve to be part of my journey are those who show me respect and appreciate me for who I truly am. 

I will never shut my eyes to my own abuse again. It is time to free the real me and show myself the love I so generously give to others. That is the least I can do for myself after all that I’ve been through.

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