I Am Strong On My Own But I Still Need Someone To Love

I pride myself on my independence. I have a meaningful and fulfilling career and loved ones who always remind me of how lucky I am in life. 

I am a lone wolf and I’m okay with being alone with my thoughts. I enjoy spending time doing my hobbies and I don’t feel ashamed to let the world know that I’m single and I’m comfortable with it.

I don’t believe there is an age limit for settling down in life. I think we all have the right to choose to do that at a point in our lives when we feel most comfortable.

I am more than happy with what I’ve learned and the people I’ve had the privilege to meet on my journey so far. I feel inspired and filled with energy thanks to the people who truly care for me.

I am a restless, self-reliant person who still has a long and difficult path to walk through.

However, all of that does not mean I don’t need someone to share my life with.

I may be at ease with being on my own, but I still dream of love coming my way.

I’m not looking for someone to carry me through life, I can do that by myself. I am not looking for someone to finance me, I am more than capable of doing that myself. I am not looking for someone because I fear being alone and I am fully aware of who I truly am.

I need an equal – a loving soul who I can merge with.

The only reason I crave finding a person who I can share my life with is that I need to experience love at its fullest. And I believe life is too short to strip yourself from the best things it has to offer.

I dream of coming home every day to a loving smile and a warm, caring hug. I want to wake up next to someone who will be ready to open up their soul and heart for me as I will do for them. I want to fall asleep next to a person who will hold me tight regardless of what life brings down upon us. I want to spend my days with someone who will glow with happiness every time they lay their eyes upon me.

I cannot pretend to be a soulless robot who doesn’t need true romance in life.

I’m a human being and I need love to be able to function at my fullest capacity.

I am a strong person who has always been self-reliant, but that does not mean that I don’t need someone to show me the meaning of boundless true love. And I will never stop hoping to find my soulmate.

I don’t need anyone else’s material goods.

I just want someone to love me to the moon and back.

I don’t need a savior. I just need a best friend and a partner in life.

And that is why I will never stop searching for you, my love.

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