I Accept The Apology You Never Gave Because I Deserve To Be Free And Move One

We all make mistakes – it’s just an inseparable part of the human experience.

I won’t be stuck in the past dreaming of what could have been if only things turned out differently.

I know that now it’s too late to turn the tide, but at least I’ve learned my lessons and was able to grow as a result. And although I am still hurting from time to time, I need to keep going, because I refuse to accept that you still hold some power over me.

I cannot forgive the pain you caused me and I hurt you in some ways too.

We were not ready to be together and that’s ok. You were not the person you appeared to be and once I realized this, something inside me broke. I know you will never truly apologize for all you did but I forgive you nonetheless.

I won’t be holding grudges and you shouldn’t either.

We just weren’t meant to be and it was just pointless to keep on trying. You cannot expect people to remain in your life if you’re going to treat them this way. Maybe you’ll never get to read this and you won’t realize what you did wrong, but it doesn’t even matter anymore.

I regret being so blind to let you do the things you did to me.

I blame myself for taking so long to realize that you never actually cared for me. I regret that I forgave you so many times despite my gut telling me that you’d never change, no matter what I did. And I forgive you for being so blind to not see how much I truly loved you.

I gave you my heart and you broke it two.

You didn’t care how you made me feel back then and you probably still don’t care. By now you’ve likely found another poor soul to use and abuse, and I hope they realize what kind of a person you truly are before you do to them what you did to me.

I am by no means perfect and I’ve also done things I should never have done but I am learning from my mistakes and trying to be a better human being. I will put my whole heart into becoming the best version of myself.

I accept the past and I forgive you for your wrongdoings.

That’s the only thing I can do to move on with peace in my heart. Coming to terms with the truth was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me, even though it was a painful process.

It is now time for me to move on with my life.

I will reach new heights, I will chase my dreams, and I will find someone who will truly love me for who I am. And nothing can stop me from doing that.

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