Husband, 88 and wife, 81, celebrate 60 years of marriage with a special photo shoot in their original wedding attire

This elderly couple gives us hope that true, everlasting love exists.

For their 60th wedding anniversary, Marvin and Lucille Stone had a heartwarming photoshoot in the clothes they wore sixty years ago on their wedding day in 1960. Now in 2020, the 88 and 81-year-old lovebirds celebrate the strength and longevity of their love in their original wedding attire. Sixty years ago, Lucille Stone had gotten married in a hand-sewn dress which she had made herself; speaking with KHGI-TV, she explained that the hardest part ‘was making 52 buttons that are on the sleeves and down the back’.

Katie Autry Photography
Katie Autry Photography

The couple shared their wisdom as they gave advice on love and marriage.

KHGI-TV further reported that according to Lucille, it is important that your parents like the person you are getting married to: “My dad cried. He was the only one that cried […] My mother beamed and they both thought Marvin was just perfect, and that does help when your parents like the person that you’re marrying“.

The couple also both stressed the importance of having the same core values. Marvin commented on this as he said: “We don’t always agree but we have the main focus that we’ve always had, so it just kind of moves along […] We have had similar values and so it has worked out pretty well and, I don’t know, we never spent any time considering separating“.

From day one we have assumed marriage is forever,” Lucille added. “You do what you have to do and by no means have we been perfect in our marriage. We’ve had arguments. We’ve had disagreements, but on the big things we’re pretty much on the same track”.

Katie Autry Photography
Katie Autry Photography

Photographer Katie Autry wrote on her Facebook page: 

I had the pleasure of working with Marvin and Lucille to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. This may be one of my favorite sessions to date ❤ ! These two lovebirds even wore their original wedding attire for the session ( Lucille made her dress)! When I asked them both what their secret to a lasting marriage was they had the following advice.
1. Work hard
2. Be kind to one another
3. Think before you speak
4. Rely on each others strengths to overcome your weakness
5. Stay strong in your faith
What an amazing example these two are of true love standing the test of time. I am so glad to have met them, and honored to have captured these memories for them. Happy Anniversary Marvin and Lucille !! Cheers ❤ ❤
Katie Autry Photography
Katie Autry Photography

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