How To Trust Again After Betrayal: The 5 Key Steps

“Sometimes, we have to be broken down so that we can be rebuilt into what we’re actually meant to be.” – Unknown

Trust is vitally important to our relationships and thus has to be treated as sacred.

It is not merely an emotion, but a learned behavior that we gain from past experiences.

People who are truly honest don’t have to think about their trustworthiness. They, in fact. have to show rather than tell people they are to be highly valued.

Furthermore, trust is a risk, and sadly we have all suffered at the hands of betrayal.

Whether you have been robbed of something, mislead, lied to, cheated on, there are different ways one can lose trust, some of which are more hurtful than others.

You may want to trust the one who hurt you once again, but when it comes down to it, you never know how to start regaining trust in a relationship.

Your heart has been injured so badly that you simply cannot bear to make it vulnerable again.

But should you be willing to give it another go, heed the following advice:

1. Believe that you deserve trust in your relationships

Even if you were not always an honest person yourself and you believe that you are undeserving of trust, know that most dishonesty stems from a lack of confidence as well as fear.

Try to be more forgiving and compassionate and don’t judge people’s actions too harshly. Instead, try to understand them first.

2. Learn to trust in yourself

If you lack trust in yourself – your intuition for making good judgments and choices – how do you think you’ll be able to trust another person? When your trust has been betrayed, your defense mechanism starts working extremely hard just to protect you from emotional distress. Listen to your gut and work on building trust in yourself.

3. Know that what you think about can manifest into reality

If someone has betrayed you and you keep thinking about it happening again, you will subconsciously attract that situation.

You will seek out signs of betrayal and doubt even those closest to you. And sadly, you will see what you have conditioned yourself to see, even if it isn’t actually there.

If your mind is focused on positive outcomes, however, you will attract good people who will not betray your trust.

4. Let go of the victim mentality

If you have suffered betrayal, you are the victim of your own circumstances. However, you must be able to differentiate between being a true victim and having a victim mentality.

While many people wrongly choose to keep their wounds open by wallowing in the pain of betrayal, others do whatever they have to in order to rise above it. If you choose self-pity, you will hinder yourself from healing because you will always be angry and blame everyone around you for something you have full control over.

By choosing the path of forgiveness, you will be able to let go of anger and pain.

5. Stay positive

Apart from avoiding the kinds of people that have disappointed you, it is crucially important to understand that having been hurt once or twice does not mean it will keep on happening.

Should you find yourself being trapped in this kind of mentality, not only will you undermine your own worth, but you may also throw away any potential opportunity for a healthy new relationship.

Being distrustful can have a toxic effect on your relationships with people, as well as your own self-worth, but learning to trust again is absolutely possible.

The reality is, no relationship can function without trust – whether it be friendship or romance – because trust is one of the key elements without which people cannot coexist peacefully. And it takes a lot of work on both your betrayer and yourself, but it can be achieved if you feel that what you have is worth fighting for.

Because once trust is regained, it is both freeing and healing to the mind, the heart, and the soul.

For more guidance on how to trust again after betrayal please see the video below.

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