How to gain assertiveness: 9 inspiring qualities of assertive people

Assertiveness is a personal trait not many have mastered.

It portrays the act of being confident but not arrogant. It’s being fully self-aware, but never cocky.

The ones who possess this praiseworthy quality are amongst the kindest people in the world. They are genuine, trustworthy, and quite straightforward. They have the unique ability to connect with others and create bridges between them.

Are you an assertive person? Well, luckily, this is a life skill that can be learned over time.

Here are 9 truths about assertive people that will help you become one. 

1. They have admirable confidence.

These individuals are perfectly aware of their self-worth and definitely know what they want from life. They have set their standards and are not afraid to demand what they deserve. However, they never behave arrogantly when it comes to defending their boundaries. While they know what they are worthy of, they are also aware of their flaws and weaknesses.

2. They know how important self-respect is.

Assertive people know what they have to offer, so they naturally have a high level of self-respect. However, they are also respectful of others. They welcome everyone else’s opinions, without criticizing or judging them. Moreover, they always make the effort to get to know someone before jumping into conclusions.

3. They are good listeners.

An assertive person’s conversational skills are so refined that they are one of the best listeners out there. Whenever a friend needs a shoulder to cry on, they are always there to listen to their problems and even offer a helpful piece of advice.

4. They are open to making compromises.

While assertive people know how to demand what they deserve, they will never ignore the option of making a compromise. They never approach life with an ‘all or nothing’ type of attitude. Being the winner is never their goal. Instead, they are always open to reaching a suitable settlement that will be beneficial for everyone involved.

5. They acknowledge others’ feelings and emotions.

The ones who have been blessed with assertive personalities always consider other people’s emotions. They understand that being insensitive deeply hurts others’ feelings, so they are always trying to validate the beliefs, opinions, and views of the people they communicate with.

6. They value integrity and are sincere themselves.

Assertive people are firm realists. They prefer to go through life being completely straightforward instead of pretending to be someone else. Whenever someone doesn’t meet their standards, they are not afraid to let them know. When things are obviously not fine, they are the first to acknowledge that and look for solutions instead of focusing on the problem. That’s just who they are.

7. They have a strong sense of empathy.

We are all human beings. We are all flawed. Assertive people perfectly realize that, so they never judge the book by its cover. Instead, they always try to get to know others and their personal situations so they can get a better understanding of their behavior.

8. They know how to control their emotions.

Being able to take the wheel and actually have control over your emotions can be incredibly difficult. However, those with assertive personalities have mastered this skill perfectly. They don’t lash out whenever something frustrates them. They rather count to ten, calm their nerves, and let go of the anger without losing control.

9. They value their boundaries.

Assertive people have clear boundaries they deeply respect. Whenever someone tries to cross them, they let that person know what a terrible mistake they have just made. Knowing where to draw the line is a life skill we all need to excel in. Being in the orbit of an assertive person, in case you still aren’t one, will surely help.

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