How to earn a man’s respect: 5 Crucial Tips!

The field of love and relationships can seem like a labyrinth sometimes. You need his love and respect and you are trying to find the fastest way to get there.

In reality, there is no fast lane; you cannot make a person respect you any more than he can make you respect him.

If you are looking for a lasting and loving relationship you have to do some heavy work as well.

If you want to understand how you can make your partner understand you, be the woman worth every bit of that respect, by following these 5 crucial steps.

1. Don’t rush to have sex

Women and men see sex differently. Women connect more emotions to it than men do. If he sleeps with you on the first day it has little to do with an intense emotional connection for him, at least not as much as it does to you. If you postpone the sex until mutual respect is fully present, it sends the message to him that you see yourself as a woman worth your salt and aren’t just going to give yourself to anybody. That is a crucial first step to earning his respect. A man who stops contacting you after you said no is not worth your time and energy if respect is what you’re after.

2. Show him respect

You will only get as much love and respect as you are willing to give, so if you don’t show him the necessary respect, he will be hesitant to reciprocate (unless he doesn’t have a spine – and you don’t want that). Respect his space, his time and his honesty and thank him for it all. “Thanks for inviting me; thank you for getting in touch again.” You get the point. Gratitude goes a long way in earning the respect of your romantic interest; it shows him that you appreciate what he does for you, and appreciation is all men truly want from the woman they’re in love with.

 3. Teach him how you want to be treated

A woman who knows what she is worth and doesn’t accept anything less is someone who not only will earn the respect of her man but the respect of everyone else around her. If he says something out of line, call him out on it. If he is constantly late or doesn’t fulfill his promises, make sure to hold him accountable. When he understands that there are boundaries surrounding certain things, it’ll put him in check, and if he truly wants to be your man, he will correct his negative habits. And this is another fine line area. Letting him know that you put up with him being constantly late is much different than going crazy over a genuine delay. Try to teach him how to treat you with the respect you deserve without going postal.

4. Give him challenges

Men love women who they can have friendly debates with. Don’t hesitate to express your opinions if they are in direct opposition to his. There is a gentle art in disagreeing with a person without putting them down; you must learn that art and practice it in your conversations with men. He will give you his utmost respect for your ability to hold your own ground without steering into a confrontation.

5. Love yourself

Nonverbal cues play a major role in this. It has much to do with laughing at your own inadequacies but goes a tad deeper. If you do not love who you are, he will sense it, no matter what you say to try and hide it. And if you lack self-respect, you have no right expecting him to respect you either. Cues that show off your confidence, such as sitting up straight with your shoulders back, smiling and laughing out loud, show him that you are proud and comfortable with who you are and don’t mind displaying it.

Do you believe these tips might be helpful to you? Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment. 

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