How to Declutter: 30 things to get rid of in a month

Why should you declutter?

Decluttering has many benefits apart from just giving your home a tidier, cleaner and mores spacious feel. By deciding what to throw away you are ultimately figuring out what is important and meaningful to you. What is more, it has been found that cluttered spaces can have a negative impact on your mental health. Therefore, by decluttering, you are not only taking care of the physical space around you but of your own wellbeing too.

Decluttering is a long and difficult process; however, if you break it up into small steps, it can be easy and rewarding. Marissa Laliberte suggests getting rid of the following items:

Source: Reader’s Digest

1. Clothes

Clothes are probably the most difficult to get rid of. You will find yourself believing that the shirt you haven’t worn in 5 years will suddenly become useful to you at one point, someday, in the distant future. (Spoiler alert: It will not) It is far more rewarding to sort out what no longer fits or what you no longer like and give it to charity.

2. Expired medicine

Open up that drawer or that massive box of medicine and get rid of everything that has expired; you will be surprised to find out just how many things you no longer need. This also makes it so much easier to find what you actually need the next time.

3. Extra/old cooking utensils

If you are anything like the majority of people, once you buy new cooking utensils, you do not throw out the old ones, just in case. You will not need them again, get rid of them.

4. Fast food extras

Ordering takeaway means receiving a bunch of plastic cutlery – if you have not used them in the past few years, you will not use them. Get rid of them and what’s more, stop collecting them! 

Source: Reader’s Digest

5. Old papers and notes

This one probably resonates most with students who often find themselves drowning in papers and revision notes. It is extremely satisfying being able to sort out what you no longer need and throw it away.

6. Specialty appliances

While specialty appliances make it easier to cook certain things, if you find that you no longer use them (or completely disregard them and use your oven/stove instead of them) then they are not worth your space.

7. Food storage containers

These take up a lot of space as people tend to have entire cupboards full of plastic boxes. Keep the ones that you are likely to use but throw out what you know you will not use. Again, do not collect them if you know you do not need them.

8. Water bottles and travel mugs

Water bottles have become exceedingly trendy in recent years and most people have entire cupboards full of plastic water bottles and travel mugs. You’ve got different sizes, different colors and those given to you as gifts. Keep the ones you use on a regular basis, and get rid of the rest.

Source: Reader’s Digest

9. Plastic bags 

This is something many of us are guilty of hoarding. Calculate how much you use within a week and only keep that many. It is important to note that using and collecting plastic bags is also harmful for our environment; instead, invest in a reusable bag and stop using plastic all together.

10. Outdated magazines 

It is unlikely that you will ever want to read that magazine from 2015 again. For this reason, it is best to throw everything that is outdated and no longer needed.

11. Extra buttons

Get rid of all those extra buttons that come with shirts, trousers and dresses – especially if you no longer even know which button belongs to what item of clothing.

12. Expired batteries

Find all of those batteries that you know no longer work but have nevertheless thrown away in a random drawer. There is absolutely no reason for you to clutter your house with items which can no longer even work.

Source: Reader’s Digest

13. Chipped mugs and plates

If these are the only items you can use, then disregard this. However, if you have numerous chipped mugs and plates and find yourself purchasing more, throw away the old.

14. Potpourri 

If your collection of potpourri has lost its scent, then it no longer serves its purpose; this means it is no longer of use to you and should no longer have a place in your house.

15. Spices and herbs 

The kitchen cupboards can easily become full of all kinds of spices and herbs. As you buy more and more, the old ones get pushed back until one day, you find a jar of herbs from 5 years ago shoved in the back of the cupboard. Discard everything that has expired.

16. Obsolete technology 

It is hard to get rid of old technology; however, you need to be realistic and know that you will never use that phone from 15 years ago. Similarly, get rid of all those chargers and wires that you no longer recognize and need.

17. Old intimates

Discard all of your tights, stockings and intimates that have holes or loose elastic bands. There is no point in keeping them.

18. Single socks

Unless you never match your socks, throw away the single socks. On that note, throw away all the socks which have holes and loose elastic bands too.

Source: Reader’s Digest

19. Bath bombs

Most women have a large collection of bath bombs and salts. Often, this collection contains numerous expired items which will do more harm than good if used eventually.

20. Loofahs

Loofahs should be discarded and changed often as they harbor bacteria and can result in skin irritations and blemishes.

21. Old toys

There is no point in keeping your children’s old toys; of course, there is sentimental value to some and so, there is no harm in keeping a few that make you feel nostalgic. However, it is best to discard as many as possible. Giving them to other children or dropping them off for charity is so much better than having them stay dusty in your basement.

22. Designer dress bags

If you use these to protect and/or transport your suits and dresses then by all means, keep them. However, if you have shoved them in a closet or a drawer, it is best to make better use of the space they take up.

Source: Reader’s Digest

23. Most of the things in your purse

Open your purse and take out everything that makes it impossible for you to find your keys: receipts, wrappers, dead pens and notes you no longer need. You will thank yourself.

24. Lunchboxes

Discard any lunchboxes which are no longer of use. This means any lunchbox that has a broken zipper or stains that cannot be removed.

25. Gift bags

While it is true that collecting gift bags can come in handy, make sure that you do not overdo it. In other words, if you do not like a gift bag or if you have too many occasion specific bags, keep one or two and get rid of the rest.

26. Coasters

Most people have multiple, various coasters that they no longer use. If you are anything like the majority of people, you probably have several that are wobbly or chipped – these coasters should be discarded.

27. Old towels

Ask yourself: When was the last time I used this? If you find that you cannot even remember the answer to this question, it is time to throw it away. Since towels are especially voluminous, getting rid of them creates a lot of useful space!

Source: Reader’s Digest

28. Old sheets

Similarly, sheets take up a lot of space; for this reason, if you are holding on to old, torn up sheets, you should probably do yourself a favor and get rid of them.

29. Souvenir t-shirts

It is unlikely that you ever wear these t-shirts and if you do, you probably wear a select few as pajamas. Along with other items of clothing and old toys, give these away to charity or people who will actually make use of them!

30. Cardboard boxes

Most of us hold on to big cardboard boxes as we keep the boxes of TVs, computers and coffee machines among many, many others. However, there is no need in hoarding these huge items, especially if you are not planning on returning them or moving them anytime soon.

If you follow this and discard one thing a day, your home will be so much tidier and more spacious in just a month’s time!

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