How narcissists overpower their victims and force them into submission

Manipulative, lying, mind-fooling, gaslighting… All these words describe the unworthy nature of narcissists.

They are vicious pathological liars, who use various tactics and strategies to overpower their victims.

Narcissists are masters in playing mind-games and making everyone around them do whatever they please. They know exactly what to do or say to get anything they want. These deceitful manipulators have no sense of empathy, authenticity, or guilt. That’s why they take advantage of people without having any second thoughts. Anyone can become a victim of their wicked plans.

Although these disgraceful people believe they’re one-of-a-kind, when it comes to targeting a new prey, they all have a certain pattern.

The first thing narcissists do is to make their victims feel adored.

They shower them with numerous compliments, admiration, and constant attention. This way, they make their new object of manipulation feel as if they are establishing a special and genuine connection. Moreover, narcissists use this strategy at the beginning, because they want to present themselves as trustworthy people with kindhearted intentions.

After a bond has been established, either relationship or friendship, manipulators drastically change their approach. They start devaluating and undermining their victims. In order to weaken their prey, they criticize, shame, blame and diminish them, until they completely destroy their self-esteem.

The worst part is, their victims are oblivious to what’s really going on because narcissists are also extremely skilled gaslighters.

These toxic tricksters know exactly how to put someone down, and how to react if their manipulation doesn’t work. In case their victim realizes they are playing with their minds, narcissists simply say they were joking, and quickly come up with a new sneaky strategy. By lowering their self-esteem, right after they have idealized them, toxic people can find their victims’ weakest spots and insecurities.

“You have become way too emotional lately.”, “Stop overreacting!”, “How can you be so incompetent?”

These are a few of narcissists’ most common phrases.

Whenever they want to devalue their victims, they use suchlike phrases to convince them they are the one in the wrong. They often act as if the other person is delusional.

Manipulators love to make their prey lose sense of what’s right or wrong and question their own reality. Besides, they often blame everything on the other person. What’s even more shocking is that sometimes they do it just for fun. They view other people as soulless toys, and they play with them until something goes wrong, or they get bored.

One of their favorite games is to convince their new toy they are too good for them. They make their victims believe they would be miserable without them. And no matter what they do, no matter where they go, their life will be unfulfilled, and they will never find anyone better. As if they are tremendously generous to be a part of their victims’ life.

Another nasty tactic narcissist employ is to casually mention an ex who claims their life has been nothing ever since they broke up. This happens in relationships where one of the partners is intentionally toxic and abusive. They mention their past lovers to make their current one jealous, and to distract them from all the red flags exposing their real personality.

Perhaps the most common game narcissist play is to isolate their victims from every other person in their life.

What’s even worse, they convince them that everyone else has a toxic impact over their lives, and they need to cut them off if they want to have a healthy mentality. When in reality, they need to do exactly the opposite. This way, manipulators make the other person establish a hurtful co-dependency towards them. Once they do, the narcissistic one can play with them, just like with a puppet on a string. In other words, they can make them do and believe whatever they want.

However, these nasty mind-games don’t always work. Sometimes the victims are not so oblivious to their abuser’s intentions.

And when they somehow show they are aware of what’s going on, narcissists usually start apologizing and saying they would never dare to do it again.

Toxic people are ready to do anything just to make their prey stay, so they can continue sucking their energy and playing with their emotions.

In case you feel you are a victim of suchlike toxic relationship, make sure you effectively protect yourself from your partner’s harmful influence. Don’t try to change them or waste time searching the good in them. Focus your energy into saving yourself.

And if you’re not sure you’re ready to make such a drastic move, take a step back and reevaluate your relationship. Think about all the people they made you isolate from. Remind yourself all the things you used to love, but cut off of your life because of them. Was losing yourself into this relationship worth it?

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