If he/she has these 7 traits, you may be the victim of a narcissist abuser

Nobody wants to be a victim of narcissistic abuse. However, the problem with narcissistic abuse is that it can be difficult to spot.

So if you have found yourself wondering whether a narcissist is taking emotional advantage of you, watch out for these 7 common signs:

1. They’re obsessed with their own image while undermining yours

They may exaggerate their achievements and talents, telling whoppers that they appear to fully believe. But as much as they inflate their image, they undercut yours.

They may undermine your confidence by second-guessing your decisions.

When it is your turn to shine, they may ignore your success, spoil your big moment with a tantrum, or take credit for your accomplishments

2. Due to their nature, they’re unable to have a meaningful relationship

Even though on the outside it seems as if he is surrounded by friends, every narcissist is in reality all alone.

They have people who they can talk to about superficial things, but they are only acquaintances, and their relationships don’t go further than that.

Their lack of empathy makes them unable to establish a proper relationship with another human being.

Catching you in a trap and pretending to care for you as long as you feed their narcissistic ego is the only thing they know how to do.

3. They are simultaneously thick-headed and thin-skinned 

The narcissist may turn grumpy when they are not the center of attention or become enraged at the tiniest slight.

But when you have hurt feelings or express a need for attention, they may criticize you for being “too needy” or “too sensitive” or even ignore you completely.

4. They show affection only when it suits them

If you give him all he wants, he will give you all the love you need. Even though it’s not real love, it’s just affection.

Narcissists are incapable of love. But they are able to manufacture affection as long as it benefits them in some way.

But don’t worry, he will take all that affection back, as soon as he doesn’t need anything from you. He will then return to acting as if you’re unworthy of breathing.

5. They enjoy fighting

The narcissist will provoke and pick on you until you lose your temper and say something back at him. For him, that is a perfect excuse to start a fight, and that’s exactly what he wants.

When complete chaos envelops your relationship and you begin falling apart, that’s when he enters the paradise he’s been dreaming of. In those moments he thrives.

And should you come back at him with legit arguments, he will turn defensive.

No matter how hard you try to break them, you won’t, because their manipulative tactics are flawless.

In the end, you will be the broken one while they become stronger than ever.

6. They are envious

Because narcissists hold themselves in such high regard, encountering someone with a lifestyle, trait or possession they desire consumes them with feelings of envy.

They despise seeing someone else having something they do not. They will hence belittle them and put the person’s ownership of that thing down to pure luck.

And shall the opportunity present itself, they will not think twice before sabotaging someone’s success by purposefully smearing that person’s reputation or giving them advice that can lead them downhill.

When others fail, they bask in joy – perhaps not visibly, but certainly on the inside they will be doing happy summersaults.

7. They’re paranoid

Narcissists can be overly distrusting and suspicious, believing everyone is out to get them.

Most likely this is due to the fact that they seek to manipulate others for their personal gain, and so they believe everyone else acts or has the capacity to act in the same way.

Such paranoia can lead them to a state where they are always on the lookout for threats. They can easily become preoccupied with other people’s business; often leading them to control their victims’ movements out of fear of what they might otherwise say or do.

If you have a narcissist in your life, make clear to yourself what you need and want and work your way through the situation while keeping in mind that your needs are more important than theirs.

Leaving a destructive relationship won’t be a walk in the park, but if you are serious about doing the right thing to protect yourself and your dignity, you will do whatever it takes to see it through.

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