14 Historical Curse Words that we Should All be using Every Day that we Should All be using Every Day

I will be the first to admit that in my day-to-day conversations, I tend to use a vernacular that is colorful enough to have most sailors tell me that I need to “church it up a little”. I can’t help it.

Sometimes the best word for a particular sentence happens to be the F-word.

Several times. In many different usages. That being said, I have turned to sources like The Chive,Mental Floss, and Buzzfeed to help me expand my current curse word vocabulary so that in social settings I might sound more refined and artistic.

Trust me, I can’t wait to use “Rantallion” or “Bescumber” in my next business meeting.

1. Beardsplitter
A Victorian word for Penis.
2. Bedswerver
A British slang word for “cheater,” invented by William Shakespeare himself.
3. Arfarfan’arf
A Victorian term for a drunkard.
4. Rantallion
A weirdly specific Victorian word meaning “One whose scrotum is longer than his penis.”
5. Zounderkite
A Victorian word for “idiot.”
6. Bescumber
A word from the early 20th century meaning “to spray poo upon.”
7. Gamahuche
A Victorian word for Oral sex.
8. Cacafuego
This word, which means “braggart,” is Spanish in origin, literally translating as “shitfire.” It was the nickname of a ship captured by the Pirate Sir Francis Drake, who is presumably the braggart referenced by the word.
9. Thunderation!
A variant on “What in tarnation?” which itself was a lightening-up of the word “damnation,” “thunderation” was popular in the United States back in the 1830’s and 40’s. It’s time for it to come back.
10. Fopdoodle
A dumbass.
11. Mumblecrust
A medieval word referring to a toothless beggar from a medieval theater comedy.
12. Mosquito-buggerer
It’s Medieval, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.
13. Rakefire
One who overstays their welcome. The term itself comes from the person who stays late and keeps the fire going, even though their host wants them to leave.
14. Muckspout
Finally: one who swears too much.

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