7 Highly Effective Ways Intelligent People Deal With Disrespect

If you’ve ever had the pleasure to drive through rush-hour traffic or had to push your way through a crowded shop, you know very well that disrespectful people are everywhere.

Even our loved ones can often show us disrespect. Whether they pass their insults through little comments or an outright dismissive attitude, disrespect is pervasive. And more often than not this rudeness affects us psychologically.

You cannot hope to control the behavior of others but you don’t want to be provoked to react in a rude way either. So what can you do?

In this article, we will explore some surefire methods intelligent people use to handle disrespectful people.

1. Try not to take it personally (even if it is personal)

When someone disrespects you, especially it it gets personal – it’s easy to get angered. But keep in mind that the choice of how you will react is ultimately yours. Take the poison out of their comments by choosing to see it as their own problem, not yours.

2. Stay calm

Regardless of the severity of the situation, never allow your emotions to take control of you. In order to prevent getting infuriated you must stay calm. Avoid shouting at the person because such behavior will only add fuel to the fire. When you show them that you are peaceful no matter what, they will have no other choice but to also stay calm.

3. Use humor as your sword and shield

A disrespectful person can trigger negativity in everyone around them. Keep in mind that they are likely being so because they are going through a troublesome period in their life. Humor can be a great diversion and break all the tension so everyone can just laugh it off.

One way to do this can be trying to find something in common you can both joke about. Self-deprecating humor can also work greatly here.

4. Find out the reason

We all have our reasons for being negative. Perhaps the person who was being rude to you had a bad day, or they were rushing so there was no time for manners. Maybe they didn’t even stop to think about how rude they’ve come across. And you won’t find out until you ask them. Keep your cool and just say, “I think you’re being rude. How have I deserved this?” Their reaction may surprise you.

5. Try to forgive them

Try not to hold grudges. Forgive the person who insulted you, and if you don’t know how to do that you can definitely learn. When you see that people admit being wrong, give them another chance. Your insistence to pay them back will only create additional problems, and you don’t want that. Do not let your primal nature prevail over common sense.

6. Consider helping

For some people, disrespect may be a simple case of bad manners. However, often rude people come from a place of frustration – and if it’s within your capabilities to help them resolve their issues, you may even gain a new friend and helping hand in life. Keep in mind though: only offer help if you can provide it on the spot, as an offer of helping later may just fuel their frustrations.

7. Be a positive role model

Understand that some individuals use disrespect as a way of showing power or dominance. They could be trying to fish out a negative reaction from you and make you look look bad. Don’t give them what they want!

By choosing to be a positive role model and treating people with kindness and empathy, you are showing that you are mature and you can handle any situation. If they cannot do the same, however, it may be time to walk away from that person or seek the help of others.

We hope that this advice will help you in dealing with negative people in the future.

Let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments and please share this article if you’ve found it of value.

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