Hero officer responds to call before ambulance and saves choking baby

A police officer has become a hero after saving the life of a 4-month-old-baby.

  • The baby’s family had called 911 and waited for the EMS to arrive.
  • While on a traffic stop nearby, Officer Travis Hoguet had heard the radio call for help and swiftly rushed to the family’s house.
  • Now, after saving the 4-month-old baby, he has been hailed a hero.

The Illinois family called the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) when their 4-month-old child started choking. 

Upon hearing the radio call for help, Officer Travis Hoguet from the Caseyville Police Department immediately rushed to the rescue of the choking infant. Hurrying to the scene, the officer managed to arrive at the family’s house before the EMS. Talking to FOX News, Officer Hoguet explained that when he got there, the baby was motionless and not breathing. Thankfully, the officer was able to help save the baby and the 4-month-old could finally breathe on his own again. The mother of the child refused to be identified and she did not want to be interviewed. In addition to this, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services also asked that the 4-month-old child remain unnamed. 

What should you do if a baby is choking?

Situations like this are a common occurrence yet very few people know what to do. First, one must identify that the child is choking and then call 911. While waiting for the EMS to arrive, you must place the baby face down on your forearm and give them five blows between the shoulder blades. Following this, the child must be turned back over and using two fingers, you must press on their breastbone 5 times. In doing so, you will push air into the lungs, dislodge the object causing the chocking and allow the child to breathe.

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