Here’s The Psychology Behind Dirty Talk (If You Ever Wondered)

One of the biggest reasons a person may be into talking dirty in bed is because sex lowers stress levels, so they may be less self-conscious about expressing their deepest thoughts and desires. 

In a 2005 study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, when you reach orgasm your body releases oxytocin, which is a chemical that is a great stress-reducer. When your stress levels go down you feel less constrained and more likely to say anything that comes to mind, even if you normally would not do it. Maybe you’d have something truly dirty on your mind to say about the body of your partner, but you would keep it to yourself for a number of reasons, and yet, you utter it right as you reach an orgasm. If you have something truly dirty on your mind waiting to explode out into the open you will likely say it a little before you climax.

Talking dirty activates our brains, which is in fact where a big part of the stimulation from the sexual experience comes from.

Even though your genitals do a lot of the work when it comes to stimulation, your brain is responsible for a bigger chunk of it thank you may think. The brain’s role in sexual excitement could explain why you’re not in the mood to go to bed with your partner if you are not happy with your life or are stressed out for some reason. According to a 2005 Hormone Research study, the preoptic part of the suprachiasmatic nucleus and two parts of the hypothalamus are in charge of sexual pleasure. Dirty talk has a strong effect on both of them, which gets people aroused. Cosmopolitan magazine reports that whispering or moaning while having sex releases a neurochemical reaction that turns both partners on. So if you find yourself getting more hot by being talked to during sex, this could be a good explanation for it.

Some people are aroused by the submissive aspect of talking dirty, especially if they have powerful roles in their everyday life.

Medical Daily reports that dirty talk stimulates the amygdala (the brain’s part responsible for fear), which controls pleasure and excitement. The same feelings that make us enjoy responsibility also make us feel sexually excited about submission, as per the American Dating Society. In a similar fashion, dirty talk makes the talker appear confident, so it can even be a role reversal if one of the partners is more confident in their day to day life. Not all people are aroused by dirty talk, so make sure you talk to your other half before engaging in it.

Dirty talk can be beneficial when it comes to improving your sex life even if you use it outside of the bedroom.

A 2011 Psychology Today report stresses that injecting little sexy phrases into your conversation with your other half during the day can lead to more passionate sex. And if the thought of talking dirty while in the act makes you self-conscious, don’t worry, you’re not alone, and you can still get aroused by it in the bedroom. You can never be sure who might hear you, but that’s part of the excitement. So, if you find the idea intriguing try it out and see where it takes you. And should you feel worried about it, consider talking about it with your partner before you take action to make sure they will reciprocate.

There are a number of neurological and psychological reasons why people enjoy engaging in dirty talk. You may be surprised by how much you may like it. Your brain seeks pleasure as much as your body does and there are all kinds of chemical processes going on in your brain during sex… Talking dirty can enhance many of them.

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