‘Healthy’ 8-year-old girl dies of stroke after collapsing into teacher’s arms

8-year-old Elmira Bondarenko died in her teacher’s arms after suffering a stroke.

  • The little girl had annual medical check ups and was believed to be in perfect health.
  • She had complained of an acute headache and had suddenly lost consciousness.
  • Even after the medics’ two-hour fight to save the girl’s life, her heart refused to start.

Elmira Bondarenko passed away at age 8 even though she was thought to be perfectly healthy. 

The girl had started to feel unwell a few hours after her father Sergey Kupchishin had dropped her off at school. Elmira had complained of a headache after she had began to feel sick during a break. According to The Sun, shortly after, she had lost consciousness and fallen into her teacher’s arms. The staff at the school had immediately called an ambulance and the school nurse had also performed CPR. Olena Ivasenko, the school principal, explained:

The girl walked out of the classroom when she felt a strong sudden headache and complained about it. Minutes later, the child began to lose consciousness and her teacher managed to catch her in the arms.

Although they fought hard to do so, the medics could not start Elmira’s heart.

For two hours, medics did everything they could to save the girl’s life. The Sun reported that they performed CPR, used a defibrillator, and gave Elmira an adrenaline injection. Despite their efforts, the young girl remained unresponsive. Post-mortal examinations revealed that the child’s death was caused by a blood clot in the brain which resulted in a stroke. Olena Bondarenko, the local health authority spokeswoman, commented:

The girl suffered from cerebral venous thrombosis but medics did not identify the disease in time. In this case, the ischemic stroke could be triggered by a virus infection, stress or physical exercises.

Elmira had annual medical check-ups and was thought to be in perfect health.

The family’s doctor had confirmed that the young girl was in seemingly perfect health as she underwent a medical check up annually. It is important to note that this incident reminds us that a stroke can happen at any age. Sergey Kupchishin spoke about the tragic incident and the heartbreaking loss of his daughter as he said:

She was fine and happy on our way to school that morning. Then, a few hours later, her teacher called and said she had got sick. I ran to school and saw my girl lying motionless on a table with paramedics trying to resuscitate her. I rushed to her. Tried to help. 

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