The healing power of finding humor in difficult situations

Are you one of those who find lightness and humor even in burdensome situations?

Being able to look on the bright side in these difficult times is truly a blessing. It means you’re emotionally intelligent and strong enough to handle whatever challenge life brings you.

Each and every day we face brand new obstacles we sometimes have absolutely no idea how to deal with. Our minds get knotted, our hearts get broken into million pieces, and our lives get completely messed up. The bumpy road of adulthood holds numerous unexpected situations we need to handle and overcome.

Sometimes, these situations might be absolutely devastating.

However, the ones who can find humor in the most troublesome scenario are usually the ones who can doubtlessly overcome it.

They are entirely self-aware, and they perfectly understand how silly it is when people hold themselves accountable for the things they have no control over. Moreover, these people are attentive enough to acknowledge that no matter how old they are, they are still growing, learning, and improving.

Usually, people tend to blame themselves for their drawbacks and mistakes, instead of trying to learn from them. They rarely realize that these mistakes, along with the decisions and choices they make, are shaping their whole future. But not all of them. There are still some individuals who have the mindfulness to convert their shortcomings into valuable life lessons, and their pain into humor.

“Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.”

– Mark Twain

Having a well-developed sense of humor in today’s perplexing world is rare.

That’s why only a few can truly understand the depth of the mind of someone who is able to joke around even when their heart’s bleeding. And only a few know that laughter has the power to heal any wounded soul.

There is humor in almost everything in this life. Even in the way we break each other’s hearts. Looking back at your past relationships, isn’t it funny how you almost settled for people who had nothing to offer you? Isn’t it absolutely hilarious how you thought you’re going to be with your first love for the rest of your life, while they mistreated you, lied to you, and took you for granted?

We run from love only to look for it elsewhere, and oftentimes, this gets us stuck into an emotionally tiring loop we believe we can’t get out of. But when we actually get out of it, we see how blinded our hearts were falling for the wrong people. Yet, we keep on giving and loving because we hope that eventually, all the efforts will be worth it. And while we look back on our past choices, there is one main thought that comes up in our minds: “What were you thinking?!”

Do you want to know what else is funny?

The way we hold on to our past, unable to simply let go and move on with our lives.

It’s funny because we are intentionally going back to what once hurt us, and we believe the same thing will now heal us. We get back with the person that damaged us the most hoping they would never do it again. But the truth is, we cannot heal in the same hostile environment that got us sick. It’s absurdly ridiculous just to think about it.

And maybe the funniest things of all is how we take ourselves too darn serious. We tend to take everything so personally, and we spend months or even years being miserable over something insignificantly temporary. But eventually, something reminds us that we’re not going to be on this Earth forever. Something devastating, such as the death of someone we love, happens, and we realize how meaningless our daily struggles are.

Even through death, life reminds us that we are nothing but human beings. It enlightens us that we should cherish every little second we have left because we never know when would be the last one. And it teaches us that a good sense of humor and a generous, kind heart is everything we need to get through this life like winners.

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