Having a hard time coping with a breakup? Here’s what you can do to ease the pain…

“What’s broken is broken—and I’d rather remember it as it was than mend it and see the broken places as long as I lived.”

– Margaret Mitchell

As one of the saddest and most soul-crushing experiences, separation from another human requires a lot of work to get through. 

Regardless of the situation at hand, breakups can be painful. We all go through different kinds of emotions when this happens to us, and they can vary between sadness, anger and even guilt. You’ve put in so much work to build a life with this person and in the end, it all turned to waste.

However, there are ways you can ease the pain you’re going through…

Deal with the pain constructively

Some of us make the mistake of harming ourselves after separating from someone by turning to destructive substances in order to cope with the situation, but that can have lasting and bitter consequences down the road. Such behavior should be avoided no matter what. Instead, you must seek other means to cope after a breakup.

Don’t become vengeful and don’t harbor hate towards your ex. Think of how you can recover mentally and come out stronger than ever before. Take it as a crucial moment of transformation in your life.

Give yourself some time to heal

A breakup or divorce is something that requires time to heal from. For some, it will be months, for others, it might take longer. It all depends on the length of the relationship and the intensity of the feelings invested. Make sure to give yourself all the time you need to heal and don’t try to force it. Time will heal you.

Keep a healthy and positively-occupied mind

Try to take your mind off the breakup by doing the things you love doing or getting together with some friends and loved ones. It’s best to keep your mind as busy as possible to keep the negative emotions at bay. Don’t surpress them, but don’t give them too much attention either. Feeling pain after a breakup is part of a natural process. Even if you’re hurting, try to keep an open mind for a wonderful future relationship with someone new exciting.

The heartache will fade away with time… and you’ll be as good as new to greet life with a sunny smile on your face once again.

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