6 Harsh Realities that We too Often Forget

Harsh Realities that We too Often ForgetIt’s been said many times, many ways, and by many different people: Life is tough. I know that’s not a news flash or great revelation, but it seems like some people tend to forget it at times.

I know for me, anytime I feel bogged down or my soul feels drained, I keep these simple, harsh realities of life in mind:

1. Life is Short

It is cliche, I know, but one of the simplest truths of life is that even the longest lifespans of humans or a blink in time comparatively. I don’t dwell on the fleeting nature of life and time, but instead try to focus on doing the most with the time I have. Again, a lot of cliches pop into your head when you think that way, but it’s true. You get one stroll on the beach that is life, leave the deepest footprints you can.

2. Busy and Productive are NOT the Same Thing

In this digital age that we live in, people seem to think that multi-tasking is the way to go – simply because we can. In reality if you start 5 projects, you are almost guaranteed to finish none. Take the time to do something right, focus on the things that matter, and you’ll be amazed at how much more you can get done.

3. Some People just Don’t Fit in Your Life

We all have those people in our lives that take away more than they could ever give. I know, we have a moral obligation to some of these people for whatever reason. The truth is there are people in our lives that we just don’t need in our lives. Sounds extremely simple and calloused, but it is the truth. At some point you have to evaluate why it is that we keep these people in our lives and know that they can never, and more importantly, will never return the favors and energies that we afford them.

4. The Only Person that Needs to Love you, is You

We all seek external validation from others, whether we admit it or not. At the end of the day, the only person that has to like the face they see in the mirror is you. The voice in your head is the one that speaks the most truth, so forget what anyone else says about you. I promise you that if you become someone you would want to be around, people will want to be around you. No amount of lying to yourself or pretending to be someone you aren’t can make you happier than just being who you are.

5. As Soon as You figure things Out, They are Bound to Change

Just about the only constant in life is that it is always changing. That is what makes it beautiful. That is also what can make life feel like a rambling train wreck at times. Instead of panicking about the changes, we need to embrace them. There are no problems, only challenges. There are no disasters, only opportunities to rebuild.

6. What you Think or Say Means Nothing. What you DO, does.

This, for me, is a constant struggle. We all have great aspirations, intentions, dreams, and goals – but without action, they are like the blueprint for a building that never gets built. It takes work to be the person you want to be, and more importantly, to live the kind of life that you want to live. It is a beautiful, taxing, tough, and amazingly wonderful experience.

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