Happy couples do not need to prove their love on social media

Social media posts never reflect one’s real life. 

Before the rise of social media, people were more honest with those around them. In fact, they were more honest with themselves too. Since the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, many have become tremendously concerned with how they appear. The photographs you see and upload are never a true reflection of real life. Every single post is always edited – even if it is not done so with the use of filters or photoshop. The sole act of deciding to move an object out of the camera’s view is a way of filtering and editing. Think about how many times you have taken a picture of something/someone and avoided capturing something that was in the background. While there is nothing wrong with leaving out things you deem unattractive, you essentially mislead your followers; that is, the post you upload will inevitably suggest something different from reality simply because you have chosen to exclude aspects of this reality from the photograph.

Unsurprisingly, posts about relationships are often misleading.

We all know a couple who seems to incessantly upload posts about their relationship; they post TMI, inside jokes, and countless photographs together. The reality is that more often than not, what they choose to post on social media is not a real representation of their life together. While a relationship may appear perfect on Instagram, it might be on the verge of falling apart in real life. Of course, people never document and share the negative aspects of their lives online. 

Why do we feel the need to post? 

Nowadays, even though it may sound strange, social media plays an important role in many relationships. Many partners argue when one chooses to upload pictures of the relationship and the other one does not. This is due to the fact that in our day and age, choosing not to post a picture of your partner can be seen as a refusal to commit. Subsequently, there are many people who feel guilt-tripped or pressured into uploading pictures even though they would rather keep their lives private and offline.

Social media has the power to ruin a relationship. 

Feeling the need to share special and intimate moments with hundreds or thousands of people online can ruin a relationship. Focusing on uploading the perfect post, the cutest caption, and the most aesthetically pleasing story takes your attention away from what is truly important: the relationship itself. Taking this further, in 2016, researchers conducted a study that compared the behavior of those who were more Facebook-present and those who were more focused on their relationship in the real world. It was found that offline couples were happier and more likely to succeed or stay committed in their relationship. The reason for this is that those who choose to keep their relationship private focus more on one another instead of how they appear to their followers.

Choose to be present in the moment. 

Date nights should be about spending time together, listening to one another, and keeping the flame alive. They should not be about showing your followers that you are in love and having a wonderful time together. If you truly are happy and if you truly are having a wonderful time, put your phone aside and focus on the moment. You do not need to prove your happiness to people who most likely do not even care. Be present and stay offline if you want to be happy.

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