Ghosts From The Past: Dealing With Repressed Memories And Traumas

It may sound somewhat confusing but sometimes human beings repress memories that are too difficult to handle.

Such memories will then appear at the worst possible moments making it really hard for us to cope.

Bringing your repressed memories to the light can be a painful experience that can push you to a place of trauma that you could find quite hard to combat. If at some point in your life you’ve gone through something that hurt you deeply, you might not even remember it, and dealing with this realization can be quite difficult.

The truth is, we shouldn’t ignore our repressed memories and we shouldn’t have to face them alone. Sharing with a person you trust is a powerful way to lay those memories to rest at least so they will stop bothering you as much and harming your mind.

Origins of the term memory repression

Memory repression is a concept that emerged back in the 1800s when Sigmund Freud – the founder of psychoanalysis – began working on the theory after his teacher, Doctor Joseph Breuer, told him about a patient called Anna O. Anna experienced numerous symptoms nobody at the time had an explanation for.

While she was treated for these symptoms, she started recalling painful events from her past she previously did not remember. After bringing these memories forth and discussing them, her symptoms began to fade.

Breuer, Ana O. and Sigmund Freud

Freud was of the mind that the repression of memories was a defense mechanism against past traumatic events. He concluded that symptoms that could not be traced to a clear cause came from repressed memories. In this state, a person cannot remember what happened but simply feels it in their body.

Freud’s concept gained new popularity in the 1990s when a growing number of adults started reporting memories of child abuse they had not been aware of in the past.

And while there are people who will try to minimize your repressed memories because they only recently found their way back into your conscious life, they are not in a position to grasp the true meaning of what you’re going through.

Even though it isn’t much talked about, this is a common experience for many people.

When repressed memories reappear it is crucial to remain calm in their presence. And while they might be painful, we have more than enough strength in us to handle them.

Do not punish yourself for something that is now long behind you. Learn from it, grow as a person, and try not to look back. Live for the future, not for the past!

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