Just a Few Of the Many Reasons To Be In Love…

Just a Few Of the Many Reasons To Be In Love...
Just so you know, these articles that you read aren’t by accident. There is a process that goes into every post that you read, some of which are more intricate than others. For this particular post: there was an idea thrown out, I prepared myself mentally by watching some sappy YouTube music videos, listened to a couple songs in my iTunes library, stretched my hands, and finally – began to write.

I am going to tell you Why I Think You Should Be In Love.

Love Gives You Focus

When you find yourself in love with another human being, we have this crazy, intrinsic ability to refocus our attentions – no matter how much that may annoy our friends. Seriously, who hasn’t had that buddy who was the life of the party right up until he/she got a boy/girlfriend and disappeared?
We might take it personally, but the reality is that when we meet someone we deem worthwhile, our priorities shift whether we know it or not. In my opinion this is a genetic hold-over from our caveman days when once an agreeable mating situation was found, it was revered, simply as a form of continuing the existence of the species. To create that “agreeable mating situation” I imagine that cavemen/women had to take a step back from doing cavepeople stuff, and focus on their cave-relationship, as two cavepeople creating a lasting bond.

Love Calms You Down

I have to imagine that there is tons of research on how people who are “in love” have lower stress levels, and are healthier, and are just the best kind of people you’d ever want to run into at a grocery store.
I personally am going to give you my own analogy, since I consider that to be a strength of mine. Imagine a cheetah who has just caught a gazelle: The chase is over. I no longer have to worry if I am going to get what it is that I need to sustain myself, and if you are like me – you need love. Mission accomplished. There is no more seeking and searching, there is only contentment and appreciation.

Love is Scary (in a good way)

Very few thing in life are worth achieving that exist inside of your own little “comfort zone”. Getting out of your comfort zone is what you grow as a person. That being said, I personally think that true love should terrify you when you first encounter it. Love should be somewhere up there with skydiving or shark fishing in a kayak (both of which I do as often as I can).
Typically, our fear of love doesn’t come from our fear of the other person, but from our fear of losing them. If  you’ve ever experienced a good bout of heartache, you know that there are few things in our lives that can so completely affect us. It’s okay to be scared of that, but don’t let it hold you back. Love is exciting, just like the thrill of doing something dangerous, because it is dangerous.

If being in love doesn’t make you feel like falling out of an airplane with a sketchy parachute, with a clown chasing you toward a field of spiders, you are doing it wrong.

Love Makes you Grow

For some reason I found myself watching a video about the super-slow-motion growth of a flower. I don’t question the reasons for why I was watching this video, simply because I watch dozens of videos every day. This one probably fell between videos of people lighting farts on fire and random cat videos.
But, for some reason the part of the video where the bud of the flower fought against the petals that had been protecting it, was infinitely beautiful to me. Those petals; whose purpose was designed by millions of years of evolution to protect the very part of the flower that guarantees the continuance of the species, were the same petals that held the reproductive aspects of the flower at bay.
We do that as people, believe it or not. We hold ourselves back from the people that we want to be simply because it is a safety mechanism built into us by being hurt by other people. But…when we find the right person, we fight again our “petals” and bloom into the people that we want to be.

I get it. I’m an alpha-male, lumberjack-ish, burly guy. At first glance, if anyone is going to write about love – it wouldn’t be me.

But, then again, If love can make me crawl out of my shell, imagine what it could do for you…
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