Female officer knocked unconscious off her horse in a BLM protest in London

During a Black Lives Matter demonstration a female police officer was injured when rioters hurled projectiles and flares and scared her horse which bolted and sent her into a traffic light.

The incident occurred on Saturday, June 6, amid the protest in Whitehall, central London, Daily Mail reports.

Image credits: James Veysey/REX

Pictures and videos taken by onlookers and protestors show the peaceful demonstration turning violent as rioters attack officers with missiles and Boris bikes. In one of the videos, a horse can be seen panicking after being hit with glass bottles and flares hurled by rioters.

The horse rider, a female police officer, loses control over the animal, and in only a few seconds, she slams into a traffic light. The officer then falls on the ground amid shocked gasps from witnesses of the disturbing scene.

Image credits: James Veysey/REX

In the chaos, the now-riderless horse rushes through the crowd in a critical state of panic. As the animal tries to escape, it hits one of the protestors, knocking them straight to the ground.

In another video, the horse can be seen running up Whitehall before turning off down Horse Guards Avenue, and eventually making its own way to its stables. Meanwhile, two policemen and a demonstrator are seen dragging the fallen officer out of the street, in front of Downing Street. The horse rider is believed to have been knocked unconscious in the fall.

Image credits: Ben Cawthra/LNP

According to Metropolitan Police, the officer is currently in hospital, not in a critical condition. They added:

“The officer fell from her horse and we are examining the full circumstances of what took place.”

The Met Police also stated they are continuing to investigate the cause of the incident.

Amid the havoc on the streets, caused by the ongoing demonstrations, rioters can be seen throwing projectiles at mounted police officers.

Moreover, in a series of photos, a masked protestor is captured picking up a Boris bike in front of the Foreign Office. The rioter, who is wearing a dark blue overcoat and black gloves, deliberately rolls the bicycle straight into the path of a group of police horses.

Image credits: PA

As onlookers reported, there were two other incidents with bikes thrown towards horses at around the same time.

After the man pushes the bike, it hits one of the horses on its right side before falling over. Understandably, the animal panicked, causing its rider to lose control over it.  Several other reports from witnesses state that missiles, possibly a flare, also hit officers on horseback. One of the bystanders said:

“One flare was an inch from my head. It went right past me and hit the officer’s shield. A bike was thrown at the horse.”

Photos also show another horse in front of strewn Boris bikes, standing on its hind legs before it bolts following the incident. However, while still investigating, the Metropolitan Police assured there were no animals injured in the demonstrations.

Image credits: PA

Following the tragic death of George Floyd, a black US citizen killed by the white Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin, thousands of people congregated the streets of London to protest against racism and police brutality.

The demonstrators gathered at the Parliament Square and Downing Street before moving across the other locations such as Battersea and Victoria.

Image credits: AFP

Government ministers, including Home Secretary Priti Patel and Health Secretary Matt Hancock, asked the people not to break lockdown regulations and attend the protests. However, there were still massive demonstrations, despite the ministers’ request. At least, some of the protesters can be seen wearing some sort of protective equipment.

Apart from London, there have also been protests in other major cities in the UK, such as Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield, and Newcastle.


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