Fake people no longer surprise me – Loyal people do

Loyalty is rare.

Those who value the truth more than their ego are incredibly hard to find. This is the sad truth we need to learn to live with. Because if we don’t, we risk being used by fake people fooling us into believing their intentions are genuine.

Since it is much easier to find fake people, we, as a society, are witnessing a baffling paradox. Many of us no longer get shocked by being mistreated, lied to, or betrayed. Meanwhile, we get startled by seeing a loyal person who treats us with respect.

We almost cannot believe that honest people still exist.

That’s because every single day, we see how untrustworthy individuals with zero sense of integrity succeed. We see how those who get to the top by cheating, scheming, and backstabbing are enjoying benefits they don’t deserve. These immoral beings are capable of getting whatever they want by taking advantage of people who are too pure to believe that someone might be playing them.

We are so used to dealing with impostors, that when someone loyal comes our way, we look at them as if we’re interacting with a mythical creature. We hesitate to get closer to them, just like we would if we see a unicorn or a nymph hiding inside a magical forest. After all the unfaithfulness we have struggled with, we hesitate to believe that loyalty is still amongst some people’s moral values.

Nevertheless, there is a positive thing about dealing with trust issues.

It gives you the ability to distinguish fake from genuine people. Following a painful row of betrayals, you become sharp-minded enough to spot con artists from miles away. You notice how their words don’t match their actions, and their stories don’t add up. You observe the different ways they act around others, depending on their position in the hierarchy.

The longer you pay attention to their behavior, the more transparent it becomes. That’s when you realize you should keep a safe distance from suchlike toxic individuals. Thankfully, this also helps you appreciate authentic people even more.

After going through so many hurdles caused by the wrongdoings of impostors whose intentions were never sincere, you learn to acknowledge praiseworthy traits like loyalty, respect, and righteousness when you see them. You get inspired by people who carry themselves gracefully, refusing to get involved in anything that includes violation of someone’s trust. You admire the ones who are always willing to offer a helping hand to those in need.

Indeed, loyal people are rare, but they still exist. 

Those who remain faithful, regardless of the circumstances, give us hope that not all is lost in this perplexing world we live in. They remind us of all the honorable principles we should be following ourselves. They give us an amazing example of how we should be treating the ones around us.

Unfortunately, fake people are everywhere around us, making it extremely hard for genuine souls to stand out. They go above and beyond to take advantage of us as long as our presence serves them. Following their vicious survival instincts, they stop at nothing while chasing their goals.

But every once in a while, a loyal person comes our way. This person represents everything we consider decent. They are honest, reliable, trustworthy, empathetic, and grounded. They treat everyone around them with kindness, respect, and appreciation. These are the people you should surround yourself with.

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