6 reasons why strong women prefer to be alone than surrounded by fake people

She is a strong woman who is not willing to make compromises with herself to make others feel better about themselves.

So if she needs to be on her own instead of in someone’s fake company, she will gladly do it.

Here are 6 reasons why she would rather stay alone than be surrounded by fake people

1. She is not a fan of small talk.

Small talk is for small-minded people. She isn’t someone who would gladly engage in meaningless conversations. Instead of talking about the weather, she would rather be involved in discussions that intrigue her and inspire her to explore new depths. So, whenever someone tries to drag her into a trivial small talk, she would not hesitate to simply walk out of the situation.

2. She is a sucker for real connections.

She has been through a lot in her life, which taught her that unless it’s real, it is not worth her time. This goes for romantic relationships, friendships, and basically every connection she has with the people in her orbit. Since she is perfectly aware of what she has to offer, she seeks people who are capable of appreciating her worth and encouraging her to move forward. Simply put, if you don’t bring any value to her life, you don’t have a place there.

3. She feels perfectly fine in her own company.

This woman is intelligent enough to realize that she isn’t made to be someone’s half. She is a whole person who is capable of wonders even on her own. Therefore, being alone doesn’t scare her, it moves her. Spending quality time with herself helps her reevaluate her goals, ambitions, and priorities. It gives her space to recharge and continue conquering every single height she aims towards.

4. She can sense fakeness from miles away.

It only takes a single glance for her to sense someone is lying. She has been lied to many times before, which hurt her deeply, but at the same time, taught her how to protect herself from dishonesty. So, if you are planning to play your nasty little mind games, know that none of them will work on her.

5. She can’t stand poor excuses.

If your behavior was toxic, better admit it and apologize. Don’t waste her time with poor excuses because she may be understanding, but she is not dumb. She will see right through your cheap lies, and the respect she has for you will irrevocably disappear.

6. She despises injustice.

This is a woman who has been raised to advocate justice and make a difference from right to wrong. Whenever she witnesses some form of unfairness, her whole being suffocates until things are back to normal. This strong sense of rightfulness she has makes her even more precious. Her heart is made of gold, and she is willing to do anything for the people she loves.

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