Even the strongest of us get tired and need a break to recover

Even the most strong-minded of us can get depleted of energy.

Even the most fearless and toughest people can get exhausted while caring for themselves and others simultaneously.

Even they can feel like tapping out of the life they have chosen to live, with all the work they need to do and all the bills they have to pay.

They get exhausted from having everyone depending on them while they have no one they can count on in times of need.

They are even afraid of saying they are unable to do something because it appears that the whole world expects them to be on stand by. Some expect them to never object to anything and never stop for a second to think that they may have problems of their own they need to work on.

Even the most resilient people need love, affection, and understanding. Nobody enjoys feeling lonely.

Nobody likes the feeling of rejection.

Sometimes, strong people need a break from being heroes. And sometimes they even may need to be rescued. They also need a partner they can count on.

Because even the toughest people sometimes fall apart.

And normally it is when they just cannot take it all anymore. When they’ve come to a point of complete self-neglect. When they cannot get out of bed because their whole system feels heavy. When everything is burning and there is no one around to help them.

Even they sometimes need a break while someone else takes charge.

They need time to recharge, otherwise they risk hurting themselves. They need to be able to count on someone when this time comes. Because they are not superhumans and others need to understand that.

Because even the toughest people get tired as they have not been born with this strength. They have developed it through many challenges and difficulties when there was no one around to help them.

And even they are allowed to miss who they used to be before life taught them who they should be – that they need to be strong because people cannot always be counted on.

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