Being a strong-minded person makes you stand out in the crowd

Has someone ever told you that your personality makes others feel uneasy and even intimidated?

If you have, well done to you! That means you fit into a tight category of people who have a strong personality.

It means you walk bravely through the darkness of life. It means you emit a powerful light of mental strength. It means you don’t let your weaknesses and fears stand in the way of your happiness and wellbeing. It means you aren’t afraid to face any hardship life throws at you.

Here are 7 distinct sings you are a strong-minded person:

1. You live life by your own convictions

The only one with the power and the right to direct your life is you. That is why you don’t allow anyone to interfere with your plans or your relationships. You live life according to your own principles, beliefs, and values.

2. You have no tolerance for the ignorant

Many people say that you often overreact, but the truth is that you cannot stand to be around shallow, immature, and ignorant people. When you are around someone like that, you feel tense and exhausted. People like that drive you to the brink of insanity and that is why it’s best to keep them at bay.

3. You don’t easily make friends

You are not quick to make new friends. And that isn’t because you are unpleasant as a person, but rather because you’re careful who you let into your space. You are fully aware of the selfish and deceitful manipulators out there.

That is why you have a small circle of friends. But what matters most is that they are true and loyal to you and always help to make your life easier.

4. You always look on the bright side of life

In your eyes, whatever happens in your life happens for a good reason. That is why you don’t waste your time focusing on problems. Instead, you focus on finding effective solutions.

5. You don’t allow fear to take control of you

We are all afraid of something. But, rather than allowing your fears to stand between you and happiness, you do all you can to overcome your fears. You see fear merely as another upward step that you need to take to become stronger and get to where you want to go.

6. You are nobody’s victim

When you stumble or say the wrong thing, you are not afraid to admit and correct your behavior. You are a person who always takes extreme ownership of their actions and never plays the victim so as to blame another for their ill behavior.

7. You avoid gossiping

How others live their lives, who they choose to be with, and how much money they make doesn’t concern you. You see no valid reason to compare your life to the lives of others. Rather than spending your time and energy wondering whether others have more than you do, you do your best to grow personally and professionally.

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