Empaths Can’t Stand Being Near These 5 Types of Fake People

No one enjoys being around fake people, but for an empath, it is so frustrating that they simply avoid those people altogether.

An empath is someone who is sensitive to the energies and emotions of those around them. Naturally, since they can pick up on your vibes, if you’re not being honest with them, an empath will start to wonder why. Knowing they will not get a truthful answer from a deceptive person, they choose to avoid these fake people or find a way to immediately exit the conversation.

When in the presence of someone whose words don’t match their vibrational energy, the empath feels their brain start to scramble. A whirlwind of things begin happening and it is difficult to explain, let alone control. The whole experience is exhausting, and needlessly frustrating.

Here are the 5 most annoying types of fake people for an empath to interact with:

1. People who try to appear “tough”

This isn’t referring to the single parent who just finished a 16 hour workday and has to force a smile to keep it together. This is about those people who treat the waiter with disrespect because ‘they can,’ and the people who respond with “what’s that supposed to mean” to almost anything said to them. These people confuse rudeness and anger with strength, and borderline of bullying behaviour. The good news is that they are easier to avoid since they don’t usually enjoy the company of empaths anyway.

2. People who create drama and play the victim

Honestly, this is probably one thing that everyone can say they dislike, regardless if you are an empath or not. However, for an empath, the breaking point is reached far earlier than most people..

Empaths are expert healers and gifted at seeing the root cause of many issues. So, when someone displays emotional turmoil, the empath feels what they are going through, and that gives them useful guidance on how to help. But when they encounter someone who creates their own drama, they know that person isn’t looking for help and doesn’t want to be healed. They want pity, they want attention, and they want someone to take their side.

3. Liars and manipulators

Although empaths are drawn to the broken (and sometimes toxic) personalities, they still avoid those who never speak the truth. Liars and manipulators are usually playing a game with the empath, and the empath knows it. It’s a game that no one wins, so they’d rather not play.

4. People who refuse to be themselves

Sure, we all have something about ourselves we would rather change, or improve, but some people wouldn’t know their true self if it slapped them in the face. These are the kinds of fake people who list of their (probably fake) accomplishments, or bank account status, as a definition of who they are as a person. They never learned to like themselves so they created a fake image to show the world. The empath doesn’t have time for this kind of inauthenticity and they can’t help you to find yourself. That’s inner-work that has to be done on their own.

5. People who only complain about their life

Believe it or not, we each have something to be thankful for today. Did you wake up? Are you breathing? Is there a roof over your head?

Some people refuse to see the good, even if the good things are basic or seemingly insignificant, they are still there. It can be hard to see how beautiful life is when you are going through a down period, but eventually you get there. The type of fake person we are referring to, is the one who actually isn’t going through a down point, and who really doesn’t have a reason to complain. But they do it anyway.

Empaths know themselves, and it took them a lot of self-work to get to where they are.

Because of this, they prefer authenticity, and drink it up like water. We all have the capability to be the best version of ourselves possible, but first we have to let our authentic light shine.

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