Elderly Woman Euthanized to Avoid The Agony of Lockdown Loneliness

An elderly woman from Canada was put down by her doctor because she chose death over going through another coronavirus lockdown. 

When she realized that she would have to spend two weeks in her room by herself, she asked for – and was given – the deadly injection due to a breakdown in mental health and vitality.

90-year-old Nancy Russell was described by her family as highly social and energetic. They say she chose a medically assisted death (MAID) after she lost her will to live as she could not imagine going through another winter in complete isolation.

Her request was approved.

Nancy would not have to suffer another lockdown in the care home. 

“She just truly did not believe that she wanted to try another one of those two-week confinements into her room,” her daughter Tory told CTV News.

Image credit: Tory Russell

Surprisingly, Nancy’s family was allowed to be by her side in her final moments. 

They gathered around her bed and sang a song she had chosen to send her off to heaven while the doctor gave her the lethal injection.

Image credit: Tory Russell

Nancy was not allowed to have company while still alive, but somehow it was alright to have people over while she was dying…

Her story is a prime example of the psychological harm the coronavirus lockdowns are causing to lonely people around the world.

Let us hope this nightmare will come to an end as we leave this dreadful year behind us.

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