Don’t Run After Love, It Will Come To You When The Time Is Right

We often find ourselves realizing that when we go after something if we keep on chasing it, it eventually slips through our fingers and disappears.

And this is especially true when it comes to romance. The more you think of love and try to find it, the higher the chances of you ending up disappointed.

I can recall waking up at night trying to catch my breath, horrified by the thought that I will never find love.

That I will always be alone and time will just pass me by. That I will grow old with no one by my side.

And those dreams and hopes caused me to become desperate in my search for the right one.

My hopes were too high and I found myself living a lie.

That is the reason I would always end up with the wrong person.

I would invest my whole being in those who weren’t worthy of even a day of attention. I had to find a way to get out of this cycle of misery so I could find what I deserve.

I had gotten tired of toxic relationships and eventually, I decided to turn the page and build a relationship with myself before jumping to the next bad decision. Before finding true love, first I had to find my true self.

I started investing more time in doing the things I always wanted to do, and after a while, I finally found myself again.

I learned what I truly like and dislike, what I truly need and want – and most importantly what I am willing to tolerate when it comes to relationships.

I made the crucial decision to stop letting my dream of true love cloud my judgments and I stopped inviting the wrong people into my life – by not being the one they could mess around with easily.

In time, I finally got what I wanted. Without running after love, I just let it find me. And it sure did not come when I expected it to.

The truth is, love found me when I stopped looking for it. I simply started focusing on my life and just let things unfold naturally.

And now I understand why things didn’t work out with anyone in the past. The feelings I have for the person that recently came into my life cannot be described in words.

For once I am exactly where I wanted to be, even though the journey here has been a difficult one.

Hear my advice, because I have been through a lot to finally find happiness.

Do not stay in a relationship if things don’t feel right. You are only wasting your time.

They are holding you back from finding someone who is truly worthy of your heart.

When you cross paths with your true soulmate, you will recognize them for the way they respond to your love. There will be no need for you to chase each other in any way.

Love will simply flow and the feelings will have the same intensity in both of you. There will be no need for you to beg for something because you will have everything you need already.

This pure and dreamlike love will be your blessing and you will appreciate all the decisions you made that got you there.

You will come across many problems in your shared life, but you will never allow them to mess with the unique bond you two have formed.

You will struggle along the way, but you will always find new ways to conquer your differences.

A strong relationship needs two people who are 100% there for each other. Everything else is just an addition to that.

Do not worry too much – everything will come in its place and it will turn out better than you could have ever expected. Stop chasing and start working on yourself. The right person will come to you at the right moment, believe it or not.

Love will come your way when you start loving yourself, you can be certain of that.

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