You don’t need to wake up at 4am to be successful. The worlds most successful people actually wake up whenever the hell they want

Some of the worlds most successful people don’t wake up at 4am or 6am to start work, they wake up at an hour which is good for them and go from there.

I know you might think this is a stupid statement because most workplaces start at 8am and in order to get a to work on time it’s important to wake up at least 2 hours before.

I suppose it’s different for people who work under other people, but if you’re a small, or big business owner understanding that succeeding doesn’t depend on the time you wake up is important. So many people starting new companies and businesses believe that in order to make the most out of your day you have to wake up at sparrows fart, however, being tired and losing steam halfway through the day also isn’t good for business.

According to an article posted on Inc. Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his morning routine at 3:45am, author Dan Brown gets up at 4am and Mary Barra the CEO of General Motors gets to the office at 6am. Now just because these successful people get up early doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Everyone is different, clearly they do well with waking up when the rest of the world is sleeping.

Success is about accomplishment, meaning, it’s not about the time of day you wake up but rather, how much you accomplish in a day. 

The above-mentioned people run huge companies and obviously getting up early for them means that they are able to achieve more than what they would achieve in a normal working day, this includes wellness routines like meditation and gym etc.

What seems right for the early birds might not be right for you, here’s why:

Early risers/birds

Most people who get up early all have the same thing to say, they enjoy the quiet before the storm. Fewer emails, calls and interruptions which make it easier for them to set their intentions and mood for the day. Others like to take advantage of empty gyms and fewer cars on the road. Although waking up early isn’t the key to success it definitely provides a more peaceful time for mediation and mood setting, as well as preparing for the day ahead.

Late riser/birds

If you’re like me and wake up around 10am and still manage to finish everything then you will know exactly what this article is actually about. I have a small business and write articles. I find waking up at arbitrary times just doesn’t work for me. I lose steam half way through the day and find myself taking mid day siestas which don’t actually energize me. Like I mentioned before, everybody is different.

There are many perks to waking up a little later, like the fact that you end up having more energy to work into the night, which is also a great time as the world is a lot quieter than during the day.

In order to be successful, you have to do what’s best for you and do the things that will make you perform at your optimum level.

The most successful birds

These are the people who have come to understand one very important thing; it doesn’t matter what time you start work and it doesn’t matter what time you finish, what matters is how much you have accomplished in the time you’ve woken up the time you go to bed.

Setting goals is also a very important part of succeeding.

You should write down your main goal, then smaller, daily goals to achieve. This helps you gain momentum to achieve your bigger goal.

Just remember, when wanting to succeed or achieve something you need to do it in a way that is best for you because you need to perform at your best if you’re wanting to finish the race. Find what works for you and use it to your advantage.

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