Don’t blame yourself for every failed relationship and heartache

Nothing in life happens without a good reason. All the things you go through, all the pain and all the darkness, they are all for something.

Stop blaming yourself for relationships that just weren’t meant to be. 

Nobody is sinless, and you surely may have done something to find yourself where you are now.

But even though you may be the one who messed up, you should not have to be the one to bear this weight on your own.

You should not have to torment yourself for every failed relationship and every heartache you experience in life.

Maybe you were not good at keeping boundaries. Perhaps you avoided all the red flags along the road. Maybe you lost your nerves one too many times. Or maybe you knew that giving the relationship another chance was a mistake but you did it anyway.
Whatever the reason may be, it isn’t worth it. Even if all these things are true. Even if you are the one to blame, doing so for something that is already behind you will not bring back time and repair it. It will only turn your life into hell.

Instead, choose to get back on your feet and keep on walking forward, no matter how deep your wound may be. 

Surely, it is easier said than done, but you won’t find out until you try. Moreover, the only way you need to move is forward.

Start by taking accepting your mistakes so you don’t repeat them ever again. Look back at the moment when you first met him or her. Make an analysis of your time together and find out where it all went haywire.

Try to get behind the true reason for the unfortunate fate of your relationship.

This will help you move forward in life. It is of vital importance that you learn it. Whether you were hurt by somebody or somebody hurt you, this experience will show the right way for you in life. Learn from your wrongdoings instead of smothering yourself in guilt and self-pity. That is the only way to move on. It will give you the strength you need to get out of your comfort zone, face the challenges of life and grow as a person. It will help you break the chains of self-blame and accept your failures as an inseparable part of life.
Accept reality. Nobody in your life is meant to stay for eternity. Some people come into your life only to teach you a lesson. Learn it and move on.

There are new adventures waiting ahead.  

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