Don’t be scared to lose someone: 6 reasons people fall out of love

Sometimes it is really hard for us to admit that the spark in our romantic relationship is long gone. We try to convince ourselves there is still something strong enough to keep us together. Sadly, we’re often just holding on to a hopeless cause.

However, admitting that the love is gone is not necessarily a bad thing.

There are plenty of reasons why people fall out of love.

Unfortunately, most of the times the reasons include ignoring issues, that later on become severe relationship problems.

Whenever you find yourself in the middle of a harsh breakup, wondering what did you do wrong, have in mind the following 6 reasons why people lose their ability to love.

1. Dishonesty

What is the point of being with someone, if you can’t trust them? Everyone knows that trust and honesty are the foundation of relationships. This means that without these two essential elements, what you have would be absolutely worthless.

Both partners need to be authentic and empathetic with each other. Otherwise, what you call a relationship is just two people killing time together, being too afraid to admit their love is gone.

What you need to understand is that even a simple secret can destroy entirely what you’ve been building this whole time. Is it worth the risk?

2. Not letting go of the past

The past is dragging down many people, especially when it comes to relationships. This might be one of the biggest deal-breakers of them all. When we’re digging too deep into the past, we can’t fully focus on what we have now, and we often neglect it.

Many relationships fall apart because one or both of the partners are still living in their memories, with people that are no longer part of their lives. We’re too busy holding onto things that happened long ago, rather than living in the moment and appreciating what we have before our eyes right now.

Take notes: The person you are with now has nothing to do with what happened to you in your past relationships. So, don’t neglect them, and never blame them for your own mistakes, if you want to keep them beside you.

3. Indifference

Do you feel like your partner is losing interest in you and is no longer passionate about your relationship lately? This may be another crucial reason why they might be falling out of love.

There were times when you could be talking for hours and share your wildest dreams. Suddenly now you barely say a word to each other, and your conversations are completely identical and boring.

If you truly believe there’s nothing that could light the spark again, better don’t waste each other’s time. Allow yourselves to move onto something better for both of you.

4. Focusing on the insecurities

If you or your partner feel insecure and you find yourself in a cycle of self-doubt in your relationship, is it worth the emotional damage?

Love can easily be replaced by feelings of insecurity and vulnerability in a toxic relationship. When people constantly feel anxious with the one person they should feel safe around, they lose their ability to love.

Once you see your partner’s dark side, you no longer know what love really is. Not only this is enough to end a relationship, but it also damages you and affects your following relationships.

5. Carelessness

Another reason people fall out of love is ignorance. There is no sense being with someone who makes you feel like you don’t exist and you don’t matter.

When one of the partners doesn’t even care about the other’s opinion and does whatever they please, the relationship becomes onesided. This is a state that doesn’t last for long, which means breakup is almost inevitable.

If you start treating each other more like distant friends, rather than lovers, then not only the spark between you is dead, but the love you once had for each other, doesn’t exist anymore.

6. Dead communication

No matter how many times we read or hear that good communication is key for a healthy relationship, many of us still don’t take this seriously. A lot of relationships fall apart exactly from lack of proper communication.

If you are unable to talk openly to each other, how would you build a sustainable and wholesome bond between one another?

Frankly, a relationship without proper communication is a dead end. When you claim you’re in love with someone, you should be able to express yourself and to listen to your partner. If that’s missing, you’re just wasting your time being together.

Hopefully, now you have read these 6 reasons people fall out of love, you would be able to see your relationship from another angle.

What’s more, you might even appreciate what you have and start fixing your mistakes before it’s too late.

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