Don’t assume she is weak for being silent. She is silent because she is done using words as a means to make you see the bigger picture.

If you listen closely you will hear that a woman’s says more than any of the words she has already said.

‘Silence speaks volumes.’

Let’s look at the definition of this old saying and absorb what it actually means.

Silence speaks volumes means that by being silent one is saying a lot, and when it comes to women it refers to the fact that she is done trying to make you see the point of what she was trying to say with words.

Society and men, most of all, have had the wrong connotation of this age old saying for a long time. Society and men assume that when a woman falls silent, especially during an argument or disagreement that she is being submissive, or weak but it’s actually the complete opposite.

If a woman chooses silence it means that she has realized that her words have fallen onto deaf ears and that she will no longer waste her time trying to get her point across to those who don’t have time to listen.

Women are power houses and giving up doesn’t come easy so when she sees that her words haven’t had the desired effect, she simply changes her tactics. As women, we fight for the things and people that we believe in. We fight for change, for happiness and for love, so when we fall silent it is because words are no longer working.

When a woman chooses silence over speaking, it means that she has realized that there is no point in wasting her time and effort on someone who is simply isn’t willing to hear it. Her lack of words is a result of her words and actions being ignored or taken for granted.

Her silence often means that she is choosing a different way to show her compassion and care, for when you take her words and presence for granted she notices, and chooses a different way to do something about it. It isn’t a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength, because it takes courage to be silent in a situation where words are arrows, especially when she has a lot to say.

For centuries women have been seen as advisers and pillars of compassion, empathy and forgiveness to men. Helping the men in their lives to see that there is more to life that abrupt and direct action when trying to get a point across.

It’s often in times of silence that one realizes the things that words fail to illuminate.

As it was mentioned before, women do not give up easily and if she chooses silence over words it’s because she is simply changing her approach. If she believes in something she will fight for it with everything she has and that includes silence, for silence is a great tool in the art of communication.

Understand this, if a woman chooses to be silent, it is best that you start listening to what she trying to say in that silence, because her silence holds more power than the words she has already used.

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