Do Not Abandon Hope: All That Is Meant To Happen Will Happen

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

– Dale Carnegie

Do not fall down.

Do not abandon hope – all that is meant to happen will inevitably happen.

At some point your destiny will make its way to you.

It is natural to sometimes feel like your whole life is crumbling down on you. You feel as if darkness consumes you. You feel overwhelming helplessness to stop yourself from falling apart.

But do not despair. Try to focus on different things. Because just like the rain, troublesome times come and go. But what will never be erased are your courage, strength, and strong-mindedness.

Because nothing and no one can rob you of these traits.

It is possible that you are too frightened to acknowledge the love and kindness that surrounds you. Maybe you are too frightened to see with clear eyes what life has to offer. Or maybe you are too afraid to see your true self.

But just know that you shouldn’t be. Because if you reach inside yourself, you will find something marvelous. Something special.

You will come to understand that you are one of a kind.

If you look deep down, you will find not weakness, but immense strength.

Because the power lies within you. The intelligence. And all that is needed to solve any problem life may throw your way.

So, whatever happens, never lose hope.

Always remember that what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. And if you happen to be going through a rough time right now, remember that it will pass. It is a temporary phase that will not last forever.

And always make certain you never settle for anything less than you truly deserve. Do not keep around people who take you for granted. People who do not appreciate you. Those who only appear when they need something from you, but when you find yourself in trouble, they disappear.

Never settle for disloyal and dishonest people. People undeserving of your trust. Those you can never rely on in times of need.

Remove negative people from your life. People who question your worth. People who become unhappy when they see you happy. Those unworthy of your love and compassion.

And never forget that all that is meant to happen will happen.

You will at one point become what you were designed to be.

And until that happens, love yourself and never let life’s hurdles make you believe you are weak, useless, or unimportant.

Walkthrough life with brevity and embrace all the good things it will bring you at different stages of your journey. Because you cannot change destiny, you can only welcome it.

So if heartbreak comes your way, don’t fight it. Learn the harsh lessons of love by letting pain do what it is meant to do. 

If pain is meant to come to you, let it in and allow it to make you wiser and stronger.

And no matter what may happen, never give up. Always keep fighting, no matter how many times life makes you fall. Because there is much light ahead of you. And each new day brings new opportunities to make your life better.

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