Dental Student Shares Touching Story of Being Raised by A Dad With Down Syndrome

Sader Issa, a dentistry student from Syria, shared his story and explained what it is like to be raised by a father with Down Syndrome.

Speaking to the Syrian Society for Social Development, Issa revealed what it is like to be the son of a man with Down Syndrome. His touching story brought viewers to tears as he explained how he would not change a single thing about his father Jad. According to Issa, Jad is a “father, a husband, and family leader”. Furthermore, he is the man who is responsible for all of Issa’s achievements. Commenting on this, Issa said “During my studies, he was the biggest supporter economically, psychologically, and in all respects.”

He stressed that his father did everything he could to support him as a child.

Issa shared that although the community sees someone with Down Syndrome as a “vulnerable person or a person who is dependent on the community”, his father has worked hard and tried to do everything he could “to secure everything I need as a small kid.” Moreover, his father’s support has pushed him “to do all I can to be the best person for the sake of this person who worked hard.” Issa revealed that he tries his hardest to make his father proud and clearly, he has succeeded.

One of the things that I am proud of is when he introduces me to a new person for the first time, and he says, “My son is a Doctor.” You can see the pride and joy in his eyes. It’s like he is saying, “I have Down Syndrome, but I raised my son and I did everything to help him become a doctor who treats people.” 

Sader Issa

Issa is thankful that his grandmother did not abort her child. 

“The social relations are simple and pure because he loves every and any one, and in return, all people love and respect him and treat him like an ordinary person,” Issa disclosed. He further added that most women are terrified at the thought of being pregnant and having a baby with Down Syndrome. In fact, Issa notes that a high number of women would rather have an abortion. He concludes this with a thought-provoking, heartbreaking statement: “If my grandmother was convinced of this idea, I wouldn’t be here with you.”

The full video can be seen below:

On his Instagram, Sader Issa shares regular updates on the life in his family.

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