Dear Ex, Thank you for making me realize I deserve better.

Have you ever been at this point in your life when all your friends are either married or in serious long-term relationships?

And you’re just sitting there like “Well, the greatest thing I accomplished this year was going to the gym for two weeks straight.”  

This might sound a bit sad to some, but in reality, not being dependent on anyone gives you freedom. The kind of freedom you wouldn’t have if you were in a relationship. Oftentimes, you realize that right after you manage to get out of a toxic relationship that lasted for too long.

When you rescue yourself from someone’s life-controlling behavior, you finally have the time to reconnect with your true self.

Instead of feeling bad about being single, while your friends build the foundations of their families, feel good about not having to put up with someone’s awfully narcissistic nature.

Once you let go of the struggle and the pain this someone caused you, it’s time for you to rebuild your life from scratch. Even though it’s going to be hard and overwhelming, you’re going to rise gracefully from the ashes like a phoenix. And you’re going to be truly thankful to the person who made you realize how much you were missing. The one you thought you’ll spend your whole life with, is the one who made you see clearly the true colors of people.

Thanks to your ex, you are now on the right path towards making your dreams come true.

You had the courage to get out of all the drama, gaslighting, and emotional trauma. Now you need time to heal, and you need to do it alone. That’s why you shouldn’t put yourself down for being single. You should be grateful for this opportunity to recharge and find your true mission on your own.

Now you have the chance to enjoy every little thing life has prepared for you. You can finally start building a healthy and full-of-happiness relationship with yourself. Because loving yourself is the first step to healing from emotional trauma. Besides, when there’s no one to constantly hold your spirit down, nothing can stop you on your journey to self-growth in both personal, and professional manner.

So, say “Thank you!”  to your ex.

They made you see through the surface, and realize what you’ve been missing this whole time. Although they treated you disrespectfully, they are the reason why you wouldn’t let anyone else treat you like this. Even though they made you feel like hell, now no one will have the power to bring you down and stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

Be grateful to your ex because after all, they somehow contributed to making you the strong person you are today. What’s more, by pushing you away they stopped you from making the biggest mistake of your life. Now you wouldn’t even think about spending the rest of your days with someone who doesn’t appreciate you and makes you feel worthless.

Dear Ex,

Thank you for making my life miserable.

This way you made me realize I can do so much better. You helped me see through others’ intentions. Thanks to you, now I can tell the difference between fake and genuine people.

You were the one who made me realize that I am worthy of love. Now I am absolutely sure I would never let anyone treat me the way you did. Thank you for making me recognize my self-worth. Thank you for opening my eyes, and helping me understand the true nature of most of the people around me.

Most importantly, 

Thank you for pushing me away, and showing me the right path to my personal journey to self-love. 

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