Dear Beautiful: A letter to anyone who feels stupid for loving a toxic person

Dear Beautiful,

I hear you’ve been feeling down for giving your heart to a toxic person.

You have been blaming yourself for loving someone who doesn’t love you back. You might be even wondering if you did the right thing letting go of that person’s presence in your life.

Wasn’t it my fault? Why didn’t I see the signs? Will I ever be loved again? These questions are constantly running through your mind, aren’t they? You’re struggling to make it through the day without thinking about what has already been done. The thought that you were stupid to love someone so noxious is driving you crazy.

But trust me, honey, you weren’t stupid at all.

You were kindhearted and loving.

When you love, you love with your whole heart. Unfortunately, sometimes this makes you vulnerable, and the wrong people take advantage of you.

All your life you’ve been trying to find someone who will love you and care for you as much as you will. You have all this love in you, and you couldn’t wait to share it with someone. But darling, not everyone out there is like you. Some people can’t wait to find a genuine, gullible person to play all those nasty mind games with.

Sadly, this vulnerable soul was yours. You let someone play with your heart, and now you’re hurt. And yet, you are still wondering whether the fault was yours. Your pure mind doesn’t let you blame anyone else but yourself.

Maybe you said something wrong or did something inappropriate. Maybe you weren’t worthy of love… Wrong! You are amazing! Allow yourself to believe that you deserve to be loved. And you will eventually find a kind heart just like yours that will appreciate your love and affection, and will never take you for granted.

You were not dumb for loving a toxic person!

You were caring and naive.

People are always expecting to receive the love they give. You were genuine and affectionate, and you thought this person would be too. Of course, you did. You always see the good in others. Your wonderful nature makes you focus only on the best parts of someone’s personality, and you often miss their true essence.

As you see the good in people, you expect them to be as honest as you. You hope they are trustworthy and authentic. That’s why you are so naive, and you believe everything someone tells you. You believe that no one can fake their feelings. Maybe because you can’t imagine yourself doing it.

But darling, not everyone is good and kind like you.

In reality, people can be cruel and heartless. You needed to see that with your own eyes. You had to feel it with your own emotions. It’s time to stop overthinking everything that happened and get out of the mess you got yourself into. The mind games are over!

From now on, you shouldn’t let anyone play with your feelings. Yes, there is good in everyone, but sometimes it’s better to be a little cautious. Have in mind that some people can flatter you and shower you with attention, only to use you afterward.

But don’t lose hope. Love as hard as you can. One day you will find that person who would be as genuine as you are, and they will truly love you with their whole heart. There are a lot of amazing souls out there, you just need to find yours first. You are authentic and loving, and no one can take that away from you. You are worthy of love!

Your future is in your hands. What happens next should be a product of your own choices and decisions. You have only one heart, so keep it away from dirty hands. Learn how to tell if someone’s intentions towards you are pure or contaminated.

Don’t let anyone steal your future, darling.

Know that you were not stupid for loving a toxic person.

You were just too damn good to them, and they didn’t deserve it.

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