Dad raises son with Down syndrome all alone after mom wants to give the child to foster care

A Russian father saved his child from foster care after the mother wanted to give it away because he was born with Down syndrome.

While some parents are willing to do the impossible to give their children the future they deserve, others give up in the face of the slightest adversity. Sadly, one mother was ready to leave her child only because he was born with Down syndrome – a genetic disorder, usually associated with physical growth delays and intellectual disability.

Thankfully, Evgeny Anisimov, the baby’s father, chose to raise little Misha on his own, saving him from a childhood spent in foster care, NEWSNER reveals. Through his benevolent act, he shows the whole world that children with Down syndrome are worthy of love just like everyone else.

Evgeny shares that when he and his wife found out their baby was born with the rare condition, they were terrified. In an interview with Bored Panda, the father says:

“I didn’t know what to do when I learned of the hypothesis that my son had Down Syndrome. I thought my task now was to turn off emotions, ignite thoughts, support my wife because I believed it would be more difficult for her.”

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Despite his fears, the caring father realized that Misha was a blessing, not a curse.

Evgeny shares that he was worried at first, but he soon understood there was nothing he should be anxious about.

“In my life, after all, nothing had changed, in general. I was still with two arms, with two legs, my professional knowledge had gone nowhere. My determination, activity, curiosity, and so on—everything was with me. Everything happened as I planned, my son was born. But the child is special, his life and future destiny are already very significant. And I’m roaring here! This is some kind of selfishness! Is it not fair? No, it is my responsibility. “

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In the affectionate father’s mind, even though his child was born different, he was and still is willing to do whatever it takes to create a loving atmosphere for his son. What is more, after he educated himself about the special condition Misha was born with, Evgeny found out that Down syndrome is actually something they could easily live with.

“I learned that in Europe, people with Down Syndrome are well-socialized, can live and work independently. But the decision I had already made was not influenced by that.”

From the very first time Evgeny held his son in his arms, he knew he would never leave him. 

Although his wife couldn’t bear the thought of raising a child with Down syndrome, the compassionate father refused to leave little Misha in the hands of strangers.

“At no time did I think of leaving my son in an orphanage, that would be inhumane.”

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While Evgeny doesn’t see himself as a hero, raising a child with special needs all by yourself is beyond heroic. By sharing his story with the world, the admirable father hopes to raise awareness regarding Down syndrome. He aspires to inspire the ones who are dealing with the same situation and to serve as an example that raising a kid with special needs is just as challenging as raising any other child. Encouraging parents facing similar adversities, Evgeny says:

“I hope that those who have difficulties now, as it was for us, read about us. Have no fear! Everything will be fine!”

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