4 Tips On Cultivating Healthy Self-Discipline

Self-discipline, if mastered and applied – could very well be the beginning of a healthy, productive and successful life.

When I used to hear the word discipline, I would immediately be transported back to school where I would get ‘disciplined’ by teachers and if not by my teachers, then by my parents because I was not conforming, or following a set of rules or behavior code. The word discipline left a very sour taste in my mouth and I wanted nothing to do with it as I got older.

Now as I sit here, in my adult years I wonder why weren’t taught the importance of healthy self-discipline.

After some research and self-experience I realize that if I were taught the art of learning how to prioritize, focus and time management, I would probably have most of my dreams and goals in the bag.

When we learn how to cultivate self-discipline we also learn how to say no to the unimportant distracting stuff life something throws at us.

The very things that obscure and hinder our path to success. We often don’t think of discipline as one of the fundamental tools needed in order to achieve as we have preconceived perceptions about the word. If were to try and view it in a different light we could easily cultivate it.

Now one would say seeing it as a routine could also help, but to be honest not many people like routine. We should rather see self-discipline as a healthy approach to achieving our goals and dreams – meaning that when the word “No” is needed, it is use – used to pave a way for us to get things done, important things, without getting distracted. Without self-discipline we will not have enough time to take the necessary steps towards our success.

Here are 4 tips on how to cultivate healthy self-discipline:

1. Believe In Yourself:

You are the master of your reality and the only captain of the ship called, “Your Life”. If you don’t believe in yourself no one else will. In order to achieve and succeed you have to believe that you will.

2. Avoid Distractions:

Focus on the small steps needed to get to the bigger step. Write daily goals and try to achieve them. Turn off your phone and disconnect – in order to connect. Give your future the undivided attention it needs.

3. Manage Your Time:

Time is precious and none of us know how much we have of it in life. When we learn how to time manage we not only have time for achieving, we also have time for other activities in life like socializing. But when you have a goal, it’s important to prioritize and manage your time because before you know it, you maybe not have any left in order to achieve that goal.

4. Keep Healthy:

A healthy body is a healthy mind. This applies to everything in life. Do yourself and your body a favor and try dedicate 5 mins of your day to self care. Do some stretches, drink water, eat some fruit, meditate, go for a walk. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Self-discipline can be a wonderful thing if mastered and cultivated.

It’s just up to us to believe in ourselves and the ability to achieve the goals we dream of.

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