Crying doesn’t mean you’re weak. It embraces your emotional intelligence.

Nowadays, openly expressing your feelings is often considered a weakness rather than a strength.

Why do you think bottling up your emotions is better than facing your feelings?

The society we live in teaches us how to effectively turn our feelings off. Today, we are too afraid to show any sign of emotions. We think this would expose us and make us too vulnerable. And we believe that, if we open ourselves to the world, others will use anything we say or do against us.

Of course, we are scared. After all, most of the people are cruel beings who will definitely pick on our sadness and will make us feel even worse. That’s why we avoid being vulnerable around others and prefer to keep it all in. Unfortunately, this often reflects on our mental health in the worst way possible.

So, we choose to lock our feelings up, wipe our tears, and hide our emotions. And when someone asks us if everything is okay, we simply nod, and say “I’m fine.” Sadly, behind those words, we shield deeper feelings that are tearing us apart. As we try to ignore our real emotions, the pain inside of us grows bigger and bigger.

When it comes to crying, we do the impossible to hide our tears.

Perhaps, we do this because we don’t want to be seen so weak and defenseless. We need to stop this. We should stop seeing crying as a weakness. As a matter of fact, someone who is not afraid of crying is someone with a high sense of emotional intelligence.

There are many benefits of crying for both your mental and physical health.

To begin with, exposing your true feelings means you are not afraid to face them. When you cry in front of someone else, you show that you are strong enough to go through all this pain. It’s a clear sign that you wouldn’t hesitate to dive deep into your inner self and overcome whatever challenge stands ahead of you. Moreover, you have nothing to hide, and you understand that crying is only going to help you prevail any obstacle life gives you.

Besides, crying helps you leave behind all the negative emotions you’re experiencing. When you don’t allow yourself to show your true feelings, the pain piles up within you, and it only gets worse. However, when you let it all out, you feel a calming sense of sweet relief.

It turns out that crying is the best mental cleanse you can do for yourself.

In addition, crying contributes to your overall wellbeing. In a physical manner, it has many benefits such as stress relief, improving the quality of your sleep, and even boosting your vision. Crying also fights unhealthy bacteria out of your body and strengthens your immune system.

What’s more, when you let yourself cry in front of others, you encourage them to let go of their fears and face their own feelings.

As you embrace your true nature, you show others that there’s nothing they should be afraid of. By letting your emotions flow through you, you inspire the people around you to do the same.

It’s important for you to understand that there is nothing wrong with feeling your feelings. You need to allow yourself to be vulnerable and even weak sometimes. This will only help you let go of the pain and overcome the struggles you’re going through.

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